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Kittynapped and Deadly

5 Stars!I loved it! It’s a well written cozy mystery that is full of twists and turns, add in a cat, dog and a pot-bellied pig and you have a wonderful book.

A Ferri

LaLee is a typical cat. She’s snooty, hostile, and opinionated. She’s also been kittynapped. Heaven help the idiots who thought that was a good idea. The good news is that they’ll probably be so sick of her antics by the time we find them that they’ll be happy to give her back!

My name is Joey Fulle and my superpower is solving mysteries with my handsome PI boyfriend. We also get a little help from my sweet Pitbull Caphy and her sisters in crime, LaLee the Siamese cat and Ethel Squeaks the miniature potbelly pig. Fortunately, we’ve been in a mystery dry spell for a few weeks and I’ll admit, I’ve been a little bored. A condition I immediately regretted when LaLee was kittynapped. Now my posse and I need to discover why they took the crotchety cat, figure out how to save her, and then solve a murder.

Just another day in Bumpkinville!

5 Stars! This book was non stop action from the very beginning to the last page. I could not put the book down. Between Joey and Hal, her good looking private eye boyfriend, they must figure out where the missing necklace is while solving a murder case all before her precious cat pays the ultimate price. This book is a MUST READ!!!!

Valerie Irwin

Here’s a fun taste of the book…

Grabbing my keys, I threw open the door and ran for the cabin. Cold, muddy water splashed up my legs, and rain pounded down on me. I was happy to see that the water hadn’t reached the cabin yet. Hopefully, it wouldn’t.

Using the key Hal had given me, I opened the front door and was immediately attacked by a small black and white creature wearing a pink sweater. Ethel squealed angrily at me, clearly thinking it was my fault she’d been left alone in the rain.

I dropped to my knees and let her jam her twitching snout into my middle. “I’m so sorry, sweet girl. We’re getting out of here. You’ll be okay, I promise. Caphy needs you,” I told her as I scratched her enormous, twitching ears.

Feeling my window of opportunity sliding away, I shoved to my feet and moved into Hal’s room. Quickly packing some dry clothes and shoes, I carried the duffle bag into the living room and shoved Ethel’s favorite blanket and toys inside with his things.

Ethel trotted on my heels, so close she kept bumping into me. She was really spooked.

Five minutes after I’d come inside, I had the duffle bag straps looped around my shoulders and was scooping Ethel into my arms. “Okay, sweet girl. I need you to cooperate now. If you squiggle out of my arms, you might get caught up in some of that water out there.” I hugged her tight at the thought. “We can’t let that happen.”

She squeaked a little, her tiny black eyes darting nervously around.

Taking a deep breath, I yanked the door open and plunged back out into the rain.

I barely managed to close the door as a gust of icy wind slammed into us.

Ethel struggled against my hold as we stepped out from under the porch’s roof and the driving rain started pelting us. There was a roar in the distance that concerned me a lot. I’d been telling myself it was the wind combined with the force of the falling rain, but I knew that sound. I’d heard it often enough. That was the Fawn River, angry and bloated. And I was really afraid it was going to blow past its banks and flood Hal’s pretty little cabin.

But I didn’t have time to worry about that at the moment. An impossibly hard gust of wind made me almost drop Ethel. I tightened my grip on her, but that only made her fight me harder.

That thing about greased pigs? You don’t really need grease. Water works too. If it weren’t for her cute little pink sweater, courtesy of Lis, I’d have dropped the little pig, and I might never have been able to catch her again.

Thunder boomed overhead. Ethel squealed in my ear, wildly thrashing. She slipped down until her tiny hooves were nearly touching the water that had found its way up the driveway to my car.

It took everything I had to keep hold of her. I had one hand gripping her sweater, but it was starting to slide up over her head.

In about ten seconds, I was going to lose her. A different roaring sound had me snapping my head up, looking for the source. Lights flashed over us as a big, black SUV shot toward us in the unnatural darkness of the storm-ravaged late afternoon.

Hal skidded the big car to a stop mere inches from the Jeep’s bumper and jumped out of the car, bounding toward us. “I’m so sorry, honey!” he yelled over the pounding rain. “I didn’t know it was this bad.” He wrapped his strong arms around Ethel and pulled her tight against him. “As soon as I heard, I rushed over.” He carried the little pig to the car and placed her carefully into the back seat. I climbed into the passenger seat and yanked the door closed. Blessed heat blasted over me. I sighed under its delicious power.

Hal jumped behind the wheel and slammed the door on the storm. He looked at me, rain dripping down his gorgeous face and off his chiseled jaw. He was barely breathing hard, but I was panting. Probably more from fear than anything else.

He reached over and cupped my face with a big, warm hand. “Are you okay?”

I shivered violently. “Other than being pretty sure I’ll never get dry or warm again, I’m fine.”

Some of the tension left his face. He shoved midnight hair off his face and nodded. “Good. You should have called me.”

I just shook my head. “I didn’t think there was time.” My gaze slid to my car and then Hal’s house. “The river’s coming.” Tears burned my eyes.

He gave my hand a squeeze. “It’s just stuff. You and Ethel are safe. Everything else can be replaced.”

I nodded but didn’t want to speak through the tears. I stared at the Jeep as Hal maneuvered the Escalade around, afraid it would be the last time I’d see it. My parents had given me the car when I’d graduated high school. I loved that car. Caphy loved it. I’d never have another car that meant as much to me.

I swallowed a sob and forced my gaze toward the obstacles ahead.

“Hold on tight,” Hal said, and then he hit the gas.

5 Stars! This is such a fun series! It was nice to revisit ‘bumpkinville’ for this mini mystery! The characters are always entertaining. The pets that are an integral part of this series are wonderful and add so much to the enjoyment of reading these mysteries. Escapist entertainment in a mini mystery package!

D. Carlson