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Publishing Schedule for the Next few Months
Hey Everybody! For those of you who are interested, here's my publishing schedule for most of the rest of 2021.[...]
What Devilry is This?
Talk about your midlife crisis. How was I supposed to know when I bought a pretty country church in a[...]
Their First Priority is to Survive…
This should be interesting. “Say what?” I asked. “I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear you right.” Shane’s gaze landed on[...]
Auctus: Augment
A portal protector and her baby gargoyle, a guardian daemon, a hellhound, and a witch. Together, they must survive in[...]
Love, Hearts, Chaos and Ogres…
What more could you possibly want in a Valentine's Story? heh Hearts and Heresy Never let it be said that[...]
Christmas Magic Lives!
Well...It's been quite a year, hasn't it? No one can deny that 2020 was a tough one. In many ways, for[...]
City Mouse Meets Country Mouse — Murder Ensues
It's an age-old battle--country folk vs city folk--verdant hillside vs concrete jungle--Pickup vs Prius. City folk think all country folk[...]
Turtle Croakies – Fun Among the Dinosaurs
A frog, a cat, and a hobgoblin walk into a bar…in the Jurassic period. Nope…not kidding. Okay, maybe it wasn’t[...]
Releasing 9/15/20 -- On Preorder Now! I’m Glynn Forester and I’m Magis. More. I enhance and strengthen magical energy. My[...]
Get Unbaked! The Prequel.
How in the name of the goddess’s favorite sports bra am I going to do this Magical Librarian job? I[...]
Break Out of Your Reading Rut!
I was chatting with a new reader recently about why we love books and reading. She stated, and I agreed,[...]
Black & White Fun!
Good parenting advice: Only allow your small frog, cat, and hobgoblin limited and supervised television time, or risk stunting their[...]
When Intentions turn Savage
The best chocolate begins with imagination and ends in murder.  Making chocolate is a labor of love and an age-old[...]
Monstrously Entertaining!
Book 7 of my Enchanting Inquiries series, Croakies Monster, released today. I really had fun with this one. I hope[...]
A Cozy Affair – Spring 2021 – Stay Tuned!
I'm co-sponsoring a fun event Spring 2021 with fellow author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson! Spots are limited so grab yours today![...]
Come to Silver Hills. Where making friends can prove deadly and making enemies might be easier than you think. Emotions[...]
It's Christmas at Croakies!
When Sebille suggests I open the bookstore up to a small holiday party, I foolishly agree. How was I supposed[...]
Thank You!
I've been busy, busy, busy working on books that feature Halloween and Christmas, both fun times of the year for me.[...]
Halloween Poetry by Sam – Bleurgh!
Wherein Sam Emotes... Leaves the color of flame overhead, an unhealthy focus on the dead,Pumpkins carved with expressive face, and[...]

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