Monstrously Entertaining!
Book 7 of my Enchanting Inquiries series, Croakies Monster, released today. I really had fun with this one. I hope[...]
A Cozy Affair – Spring 2021 – Stay Tuned!
I'm co-sponsoring a fun event Spring 2021 with fellow author Carolyn Ridder Aspenson! Spots are limited so grab yours today![...]
Come to Silver Hills. Where making friends can prove deadly and making enemies might be easier than you think. Emotions[...]
It’s Christmas at Croakies!
When Sebille suggests I open the bookstore up to a small holiday party, I foolishly agree. How was I supposed[...]
Thank You!
I've been busy, busy, busy working on books that feature Halloween and Christmas, both fun times of the year for me.[...]
Halloween Poetry by Sam – Bleurgh!
Wherein Sam Emotes... Leaves the color of flame overhead, an unhealthy focus on the dead,Pumpkins carved with expressive face, and[...]
‘Tis the Season…
I LOVE this time of year! Even if you don't believe in magic, it's hard to deny that the next[...]
Gram Croakies — More Frog, Cat, and Magic
Sticks and stones can break my bones, but wrinkles might actually kill me! It's LIVE today! And I can't wait[...]
Fortune Croakies – I give you Frog and Cat!
Apple Trees and Frog Pee It isn’t every day that you find yourself staring at a frog’s squishy butt bulging[...]
Becoming Friends With Your Favorite Characters
Sometimes it's the unlikeliest pair who form a bond, as in my new paranormal cozy series, Enchanted Inquiries. In Book[...]
Spunky Bumpkin – Releasing 7/23/19 as part of Summer Snoops Unleashed
Book 3 of my fun Country Cousin Mysteries is part of a 14 Author collection of brand new mysteries entitled,[...]
The Frog! A short excerpt from Tea & Croakies!
Something emerged from the shadows. The shape didn’t move like a cat. It wasn’t graceful. In fact, it sort of[...]
Risky Venue Chapter One
She’s got a lot more to lose now…and somebody’s determined to make sure she loses it all. Blaise is at[...]
A Chat with Flo from Silver Hills
Hi! I'm Flo from Silver Hills. I'm so glad to meet you, hun. I don't have a lot of time[...]
The More Things Change…
Come to Silver Hills. Where fowl plans can either mean dinner out, or the deadly designs of a chicken-livered killer.[...]
When Nothing’s Familiar – Everything can be Lost
When the boundary between worlds is breached, lives are at risk, balance is disrupted and nothing is the same. I[...]
So MUCK Fun!
Mucky Bumpkin is Full Throttle Country Fun! A dead Realtor, a cranky cat, an adorable, depressed pibl, and a boyfriend[...]
Help! I’m being Uslurped!
Hi. My name is Caphy, short for Cacophony. My best friend Joey named me that because I make a lot[...]
Sam’s Quick News
Mucky Bumpkin is Coming!  WATCH FOR a quick announcement email soon. Mucky Bumpkin, Book 2 of my fun Country Cousins[...]

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