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Valerie Irwin

Reader Recommendation

"You have that essential je ne sais quoi that it takes to tell a story so mesmerizing you can not stop reading

once started. You are not telling stories to your are taking them with you on your adventures

so that the experience can be shared by all as it happens and not simply replayed like a memory on the

page of a diary!  You are indeed gifted and it is my pleasure to read your books!"

New From Sam Cheever

The Pied Piper shall lead them all astray…A captured audience helpless to its sway. The pipe’s infectious music bids them come…and come they will…two by two or one by one.  

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any weirder, life upped the strangeness quota to a never-before-seen level.

When a long line of critters, dazed and seemingly oblivious, marched past Croakies, I knew we had a situation on our hands.

Actually…if you counted being unwillingly affianced to a big old pink ogre…I had more than one situation.

Le sigh.

Then someone died. A king declared war on Enchanted. And my situation became a crisis. It would be up to me to find the perpetrator and bring him to justice while wrangling the rogue pipe artifact he used for his nefarious deeds.

Buffalo buttocks! I really do need a vacation.


"Piped Croakies is a fantastic and engaging book. This book is well written and so creative. I love this book. It is full of adventure, humor, and magic. The characters are interesting, including many fantastic animal characters. I always love this series and can't wait for more. This is a must read book."

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