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Valerie Irwin

Reader Recommendation

"You have that essential je ne sais quoi that it takes to tell a story so mesmerizing you can not stop reading

once started. You are not telling stories to your are taking them with you on your adventures

so that the experience can be shared by all as it happens and not simply replayed like a memory on the

page of a diary!  You are indeed gifted and it is my pleasure to read your books!"

New From Sam Cheever

Together, they must survive in a strange land filled with unknown monsters. Will they be enough?

I’m Glynn Forester. I’m Magis. More. Recently, in an attempt to save my friends and home from the Body, a group of elite magical terrorists, I accidentally dragged them all through the portal I’m charged with protecting. We ended up in a place where monsters thrive and nothing is familiar. Survival is our first order of business. I need to figure out how to provide food, clothing, and shelter to the people I brought with me.

Though the power of this new place sings through my veins, filling me with magical purpose, I’m in way over my head. I don’t know how to take care of so many people. I was barely scraping by just taking care of myself and Boyle, my baby gargoyle.

And then there’s Hawk, a powerful daemon guardian whose touch turns my bones to goo. And Nicht, his faithful Hellhound, who is fierce and deadly, unless he’s giving a certain baby gargoyle horsey-back rides across my living room.

How am I going to keep my people safe? How will I save my friends who we were forced to leave behind? What will I do about the Body? And the portal? And Grams? And…so much more?

One thing is clear. My relatively safe, slightly boring little world is gone, gone, gone. And I am up to my eyeballs in challenges I have no idea how to meet.

This should be interesting.


"I am enamored with this new series. So many great characters. I especially love the killing machine Hellhound that gives horsey rides to a baby gargoyle."

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