Valerie Irwin

Reader Recommendation

"You have that essential je ne sais quoi that it takes to tell a story so mesmerizing you can not stop reading

once started. You are not telling stories to your are taking them with you on your adventures

so that the experience can be shared by all as it happens and not simply replayed like a memory on the

page of a diary!  You are indeed gifted and it is my pleasure to read your books!"

New From Sam Cheever

Some people are willing to kill to keep their sins hidden. Others are willing to die to expose them.

 Pastor Frederick made a mistake. He fell from grace hard, getting embroiled in something he never should have as a man of God. But, though he’s lost the respect of many in Crocker, Indiana, some still trust him. One young man, in particular, entrusted him with his secrets and his life. But when the man is targeted by a killer. His only hope might come from the ether. And Pastor Frederick knows just the ghost to ask for help.

Part of the Cold Cases and Haunted Places 14-Author Anthology!

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