Valerie Irwin

Reader Recommendation

"You have that essential je ne sais quoi that it takes to tell a story so mesmerizing you can not stop reading

once started. You are not telling stories to your are taking them with you on your adventures

so that the experience can be shared by all as it happens and not simply replayed like a memory on the

page of a diary!  You are indeed gifted and it is my pleasure to read your books!"

What's New?

I was finally going to be able to stay on Earth to do a job. Joy of joys. No endless water dimension. No realm filled with slavering monsters. No dimension with deadly winds. It was going to be a piece of cake. Yep. I’m an idiot. 

Ghouls. I was ready for them. Or so I thought. Justice and I had been working hard on my magical skills. The borders between dimensions had been quiet for almost a month. And I’d even managed to work my regular part-time gig at The Muddle, helping my best friend keep the human-type boogies at bay. But alas, the sanity was destined to end. And so was my naïve notion that working within my own dimension for a change was going to be familiar and easy. I’m such a putz. But then, what would you expect from a traveler who doesn’t know how to travel? 


Ghouls just wanna have fun

"Oh my gosh! This story is off and running almost from the first words, and I feel like I was lucky to have kept up. Rae and her brave band of misfits have their work cut out for them when facing a ghoulish apocalypse. But never fear! They’re armed with boatloads of sass and snark, some genuine skills, and the temerity to try no matter that logic says it shouldn’t work. After all, ghouls just wanna have fun. I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Rae bounces into next."

Kristen L., Booksprout reviewer