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About Sam

USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Sam Cheever writes mystery and suspense, creating stories that draw you in and keep you eagerly turning pages. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 80+ books.


I'll be attending my favorite conference June 18th to Sat June 21st, 2025.

  • Lori Foster's RAGT25 will be held at the Holiday Inn, Cincinnati Airport in Erlanger, Kentucky.

I hope to see you there! xx

What Do Others Say About Sam?

USA TODAY and WSJ Bestselling Author

Reader Recommendation: "You have that essential je ne sais quoi that it takes to tell a story so mesmerizing you can not stop reading once started. You are not telling stories to your are taking them with you on your adventures so that the experience can be shared by all as it happens and not simply replayed like a memory on the page of a diary! You are indeed gifted and it is my pleasure to read your books!"

Industry Acclaim

Sam Cheever creates some of the best characters you could ever find in the pages of a book. Any book by Sam Cheever is entertainment at its best.

Author Sam Cheever doesn't do boring. Sam Cheever doesn't do ordinary.
—ARe Cafe

Ms. Cheever writes with class, humor and lots of fun while weaving an excellent story.
—The Romance Studio

Sam Cheever has several series in the works and all of them are excellent.

Ms. Cheever paints vivid pictures with her words and captures the action.
—Enchanting Reviews

She plots a suspense with the best authors around. Then adds her own unique brand of humor and romance throughout to make the stories even more fun to read.
—The Romance Studio