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Your favorite Honeybun characters spice up my new LaFortuna DeVitis series!

I'm launching a brand new romantic suspense series that I'm really excited about. If you're a fan of my Honeybun series I think you'll love this one. Selected Honeybun Heat characters are part of the LaFortuna DeVitis world, bringing you back home as you explore exciting new adventures. It's may be a bit darker, like my Smart Investigations books, but it will be rich in romance and thrills, and filled with the humor and family support you've grown to love with my Honeybun books. The first three books; Revealing Nicola, Pursuing Elena, and Surviving Gabriella will release in quick succession in the February through May 2017 timeframe. I hope you'll give these exciting new books a try!



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Latest Releases



Surviving Gabriella

Gabriella has been hunted all her life by a madman who knew of her unique abilities even before she did. She’d been abandoned by one parent, abused by another, and the feelings of being alone and unloved had almost made her welcome the vividly cruel world she found herself in.

Then she met Mike Stanton.

And she realized her world didn’t always have to be cold and lonely. She finally recognized that she might be worthy of someone else’s love. But there was a problem. Her past wouldn’t let her go. And she was in danger of dragging Mike and everyone else she cared about into Hell with her.

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"...laugh out loud humor along with wacky suspense." 

If you were a “mature” individual with a mighty fine bouff, would you consider shaving your head to solve a case of possible murder? That’s the million dollar question for Flo and Agnes as they find themselves neck deep in missing Satanists, scheming cultists, and a long string of serious bad hair days. But what’s a sleuth to do when the queen of the night comes to them pleading…erm…threatening…ahhh…pleatening them for help? If you know Flo and Agnes you already know the answer to that question. They’re goin’ in!

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"This remarkable book will take you on a journey of pain, hope and LOVE from beginning to end." 5 Star Reader Review

Elena has no plans for romance. Her plate is full with trying to stay alive, getting to know the new sibling in her life, and solving a murder that seems to have been dropped on the DeVitis family’s doorstep. She’s spent her entire adult life trying to prove that she’s a smart and capable woman who’s able to take care of herself. But ultimately, when the danger that’s dogged her for as long as she can remember suddenly becomes overwhelming, will Elena need to depend on the man with bedroom eyes and movie star good looks who keeps inserting himself into her life, claiming to have only her safety in mind?

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“My name is Nicola. And I don’t know who I am anymore.

I’ve been thrown into a whirlwind of lies and danger. My entire existence is a deceit. Even the illusion of safety has been torn from me, leaving me raw and functioning on pure adrenaline. It seems I can trust only one person. A man…whose forest green gaze makes my already upside down world wobble a little on its axis.

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Book 1: Gainful Employment Mysteries - June 29, 2017!

Blaise and Dolfe Honeybun - Shadow of a Honeybun and HoHo Honeybun are coming back in their own, fun mystery series. The Gainful Employment Mysteries follow Blaise in her search for employment nirvana. Since she keeps falling over dead bodies in her search for what can literally be termed "Odd" jobs, her search promises to be as fun as it is adventurous.

Dead End Job: When the only thing on tap is death.

A corpse in the bathroom of a popular bar. An old acquaintance still nursing a mad-on from fifteen years earlier. And a cast of characters possessing secrets they’ll do almost anything to keep. It’s enough to make reformed (sort of) party girl Blaise Luna want to quit her dead end job. But in the meantime she fully intends to grab her sexy private eye fiancé and dig into the mess. Because she might be trying to adult, but that doesn’t mean she’s gotten any less nosy!

Stay Tuned for a cover reveal!


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"Ms. Cheever writes with class, humor and lots of fun while weaving an excellent story."
~The Romance Studio

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