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Sam’s Quick News

Mucky Bumpkin is Coming! 

WATCH FOR a quick announcement email soon. Mucky Bumpkin, Book 2 of my fun Country Cousins Mysteries releases on January 18th! 

DID YOU know I’m writing an entire mystery LIVE on my Super Reader’s Group? I am! Enjoy watching me build a no-turning-back, no way out mystery in Facebook posts nearly every day. Join the fun and watch the mystery unfold before your very eyes Join my Super Reader Group HERE.

IF YOU’D like to get caught up on The Terrible, Bad, Ongoing Story (TBOLS) before starting with the posts, you can read Chapters 1 through 4 on my BLOG.

WHAT’S NEXT? Book 4 of my Reluctant Familiar Mysteries is coming soon (February). And Book 6 of my Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries is scheduled to release in March!