What Spookery is That?

Mature Magic Book 5

I'm trying to find my missing Council member, which might involve visiting the spectral plane. Something that I'm strangely not looking forward to. (sarc) The last thing I need is this...this mess. Achieving my full powers feels like mega-menopause, hot flashes and all. Unfortunately, these flashes can actually burn.

Something’s changing. Something big. I’m finally achieving the last stage of my Lares power. I realize the transformation is hard. It’s painful and confusing. I know all of this because my advocate, the world’s crankiest moon hound and consummate know-it-all was elated to inform me about it. What I didn’t know was that I’d be trying to save one of my council members in the middle of the whole mess. Unfortunately, this is all starting to remind me of my initiation into the Lares gig. I barely survived that transition. I’m not so sure I’m going to survive this one. 



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