Mourning Commute

It’s definitely curtains for May’s client. He’s exited Stage Left for the last time.

May Ferth just wants to do a good job in her role as fake girlfriend. But there are strange goings on at the funeral. Shifty characters whispering secrets in shadowed corners, and a truly yummy advocate for the dead guy implying that May might have had something to do with his friend’s unscripted exit.

May might be a thirty-three-year-old ex-community theater actress on her second career, but she comes from a family of cops. And, despite her talent for acting, she has a lot more Detective in her than Diva. 

The villain thinks he can threaten her and she’ll fold like last week’s panned play. Clearly, he hasn’t read the day’s script changes. May and her little dog Shakespeare are on the case. Though, they might take a little direction from the Private Investigator who believes that May’s client was murdered, and fully intends to prove it.


"...a great combination of wit, action, adventure, and mystery. Not to mention a great storyline, a perfect mix of characters, and enough twists and turns to keep the reader on their toes."

Praise for Mourning Commute


 GOSH you don’t want to be taking a drink while read some (alot) of these pages. Ms. Cheever has a way with words and ideas sometimes we say we would like to be a fly on the wall in certain situations and you are definitely that. This is a clean and hilariously funny story between laugh out loud snorting tea and trying to figure how the story is going to go this is an ABSOLUTE must for your library.


What a fantastic treat! The wonderfully bizarre premise of working as a professional mourner serves as a springboard for a mystery full of twists and turns and a new partnership that I hope gets to solve more cases. Sam Cheever has a talent for creating fun, likable characters who might not always know exactly what to do but always muddle through somehow. And usually with a wisecrack or two.


I LOVE Sam's books. I haven't read one I didn't thoroughly enjoy. This book was no exception. I absolutely loved it. The characters had me drawn in from the beginning. I so enjoyed May's job, professional mourner, and her spunky quick mind. To compliment her, we get to meet Eddie. I so want to see more of these two together. The mystery had me guessing until close to the end. It was so well written. I finished it in just a few hours. Read this book. You will not be disappointed!

Read an Excerpt

Tucking the tiny bottle of fake tears more deeply into my tissue, I sniffed daintily. I surreptitiously eyed the assembled crowd of mourners in an attempt to gauge their feelings about the deceased. In my line of work, it paid dividends to know what I was dealing with when interacting with the mourners. My baby blues caught on a handsome, dark-haired man standing back from the rest, and I quickly jerked my gaze away, hoping he didn’t notice me noticing him again.

He totally noticed me.

The man had been staring at me since I’d arrived at the viewing an hour earlier. I would have been pleased by his attention, except that his expression was anything but friendly.

Somehow my eyes kept traveling back to him, all the while assuring myself that it was an accident.

I wasn’t ogling the mourners.

Really, I wasn’t.

Of its own volition, my gaze accidentally slipped back over the spot where the hostile hottie had been, and I blinked.

He was gone.

To cover my surprise, I turned to the elderly woman next to me and let my bottom lip quiver. I gave a practiced little sob and squeezed the fake tears in my tissue just as a big hand landed on my shoulder.

I yelped, inadvertently gripping the tiny bottle as if it was the only thing keeping me from plunging a thousand feet off a bridge to my death, and then yelped again as I shot a stream of faux sadness right into one wide blue eye.

Fake tears ran like the River Jordan down my artificially pale cheek. “Oh!” I exclaimed as I tried to deal with the mess.

I jerked around to eye the owner of the hand and forgot how to speak.

Across the room he’d been yummy, definitely an eight-star performance on opening night. But up close and personal, Mr. Hostile was a solid fifteen stars, with a good three-minute standing ovation added in.

Even with the glare on his face.

I couldn’t help wondering why he seemed so angry with me. Surely it wasn’t because I was ogling him at the viewing of a man who was supposed to have been my boyfriend. I gave that one a few beats of consideration.

Nah. That couldn’t be it.

Hostile Hottie stuck the hand he’d accosted me with in front of my face, all but daring me to shake it. “Eddie Deitz.”

I blinked. “Huh?” Brilliant, MayBell. Oscar-worthy response.

My poor tissue was swamped with fake tears, and there were more of them trailing down one cheek. I couldn’t seem to get them under control. So, I decided to embrace the dramatic substance of the moment. I quivered my bottom lip and sniffled behind the lump of saturated tissue.

Accepting his challenge, I placed a limp paw into his and allowed it to be pumped. “MayBell Ferth. It’s a pleasure.” Ugh! I wanted to kick myself. Who says that at a funeral? Jeezopete!

The man’s gorgeous green gaze narrowed slightly, bringing my attention to the thick fringe of black lashes framing his eyes.

I’d do a year’s worth of PiYo classes to have lashes like that. And that was really saying something because I hated PiYo with the power of a thousand suns.

“Is there something wrong with your eye?” he asked.

I mopped ineffectually at the fake tears with my soggy tissue. “Um, no, I’m just sad.”

Stupid, May. Stupid.

His expression told me he didn’t believe I was sad out of only one eye. I couldn’t blame him for his skepticism.