Death and the Diva

Maybell was determined that it would be a cold day in a very hot place before she let herself be drawn into a confrontation with her high school drama rival again. Funny thing though, when she wasn’t getting all up in Maybell’s grill, the woman was really rocking the whole “playing dead” thing. Surely, Maybell’s old nemesis has been taking acting lessons. Otherwise, she could never perform the role of corpse so realistically. Wait…

Asked to take part in a play for charity at her high school alma mater, Maybell Ferth thought it was a fun way to do something she loved while helping kids in her home town. But, she’d forgotten one really important thing. That thing’s name was Patrice Reynolds, and she’d been the bane of May’s existence in high school drama class. May had promised herself she’d never let the woman get under her skin again. But she hadn’t realized Patrice was in charge of the charity play. And when the woman ends up dead, Maybell’s very public battles with her shine a light on May as the number one suspect.

The only way to clear her name is to put her professional mourning skills into practice at the funeral. With a murder to solve, and her own future at stake, Maybell’s acting chops are going to be sorely tested.


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