Aloha Honeybun

Honeybun Heat Book 9

In a battle between evil and Honeybun, tall red and sexy will always win.

Alfric and Pleasance are getting married on the romantic and beautiful island of O’ahu! Or are they? Violence in the rainforest has a way of upsetting even the best laid plans. And when that violence comes a little too close to home...the brothers might need to exchange their lei for a slightly more deadly form of body ornament. Invasion, war and centuries of the best and worst nature can hand them...Hawaii's overcome it all. But the people of the beautiful islands have never experienced the Honeybuns. That's a whole new kind of natural event!

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Praise for Aloha Honeybun

Reader Review

I loved it. I was so excited to see each of the honeybun couples in this one and the way they interact is just awesome. Once again Cheever achieved a truly wonderful adventure that just comes to life as you read it. Cannot wait for more.

Reader Review

Sam Cheever's ability to create an exciting, page-turning, action, mystery and suspense romance is second to none. This book immediately draws you in and you will be totally captivated until the last page. What you’ll find in this story is a cast of remarkably engaging characters, a spectacular story-line that is set in Hawaii with Alfic Honeybun getting married to Pleasance and the whole Honeybun clan attending the wedding, there is dynamic scene descriptions, action, drama, intrigue, pent-up rage, horrific danger, abduction, torture, missing gold, life threatening incidents, camaraderie, spiraling emotions, sky rocketing sensual romance, and a melt your heart conclusion that leave you content with this book and wanting the next book. This book is a fantastic well-paced mystery, suspense romance and I highly recommend this book from an exceptionally talented author to people that enjoy reading this kind of book.

Reader Review

Alf and Pleasance take the family to Hawaii for their wedding. But the Honeybun clan go anywhere without adventure following. True to their nature the Honeybun clan band together to solve a mystery and help those in need. A story full of love, protection, mystery, suspense, and passion. A great addition to the Honeybun ahead series!

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If they stood very still, the sounds of the rainforest were like a soundtrack. Nature’s music swelled and faded around them, filled with the chorus of life that throbbed just beneath the surface everywhere they walked. It would have been easy to lose the song in the chaos of astounding visuals, but Alf Honeybun was determined to not only hear its magical tune, but to infuse it into his cells. Never to be forgotten.

“This probably isn’t the first jungle-type place you’ve been in,” Pleasance said with a grin.

“No. But it feels like the first. I never really experienced the last one, what with all the shooting and blood curdling screams of agony.”

They stood at the top of a rocky bluff, looking out over the dense green of an O’ahu rainforest. Behind them, the narrow path they’d hiked to gain the top wound back down, an unwelcome reminder that they couldn’t stay there forever.

“It’s so impossibly beautiful up here.” Pleasance frowned. “I should have brought my sketch book.”

Alf wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, nuzzling her thick fall of black hair. She smelled like the fresh flowers in her lei. Since they’d arrived on the island, he’d bought her a new one every morning. Once they were married and went back home, Alf was determined to have a lei made up for every anniversary. To bring back a taste of the pre-wedding honeymoon they’d been enjoying. “We’ll come back tomorrow. You can draw for as long as you want.”

She turned as he kissed her cheek. “What will you do while I sketch?”

“Navel gaze. I suspect there are many mysteries and conundrums in my navel. I’ve never had time to consider them all. It’ll be cathartic.”

She laughed, a throaty sound that made Alf’s body tighten with need. “So much drama in something so small.”

He winced. “Ouch! Be careful what you’re callin’ small, woman.”

She leaned into him, sliding her long fingers through his auburn hair. He’d let it grow over the last weeks and found himself enjoying the change. For one thing, Pleasance ran her fingers through it more often, and, coupled with the sand, sun and beauty of Hawaii, it made him free and happy in a way he hadn’t been since he was a kid.

The thoughts flitted through Alf’s mind in a flash. But all reflection disappeared as Pleasance’s soft lips found his. Heat flared from the spot where they touched and spiraled downward, swamping him with instant need. Alf wrapped himself around her and deepened the kiss, letting his tongue slide through to tangle with hers.

Pleasance’s soft body molded to his. Her delectable scent encompassed him, driving desire a notch higher. When she made a soft sound of pleasure, need flashed into lust like a spark to a flame. Alf pressed her backward,  intending to ease her down onto the blanket and transform their kiss into something much deeper.

He never got the chance. In the distance, a blood curdling scream disturbed the natural peace, ripping them brutally from the moment.

Alf started running, instinct sending him toward the sound before he had time to consider. “Stay here,” he yelled over his shoulder. Even as he said the words, he knew she wouldn’t listen. He wasn’t even surprised when he heard her pounding through the vegetation behind him.

A quarter mile down the path, Alf stopped, throwing out an arm to halt Pleasance. She pressed against his back, her hands on his shoulders and a soft panting sound disturbing the silence he’d hoped to probe.

No more screams rode the breeze to them. No other sounds filtered through the trees. He opened his mouth to tell her they needed to gather up their stuff when the distant growl of an engine stopped him. It sounded like a dirt bike, popular with locals and tourists alike to explore the maze of rainforest trails.

Alf took off running, not down the path as before, but toward the edge of the bluff. He stood on the precipice and looked out over the rainforest below. At first he saw nothing. Then a cloud of dust filtering through the trees drew his attention. The bike shot out from under a canopy of massive ferns, fishtailed for a beat, and then disappeared again. Alf scanned the landscape in the direction the dirt bike was traveling, realizing it was moving deeper into the rainforest.

He had a decision to make. He either followed the bike into the rainforest or they headed back to the hotel. Alf looked up at the sky and judged they had only a couple of hours before darkness started to fall. With nothing but a random scream to go on, Alf decided it made no sense to follow the recreational vehicle. “We should head back. The family will be arriving soon and they’ll wonder where we are.”

Pleasance nodded. “Good.” She eyed the uphill climb back to their stuff. “Tell me why we ran all this way downhill again?”

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, kissing her temple. “I was sure somebody was being terrorized. But I guess that scream could just as easily have been someone playing around.”

“Like you screaming girlishly when I jumped out at you last night?” Pleasance’s smile was smug. She’d enjoyed sneaking up on him way too much.

“It was barely a scream. Besides, when I told you I wanted to play, that was so not what I had in mind. I was in a different place.”

“Mm-hmm. You shrieked like a girl in a room full of snakes.”

“I did not.” He tugged her close with an arm around her neck and rubbed his knuckles over her head.

She laughed, trying to get loose. “Stop that. Juvenile.”