A Familiar Problem

Reluctant Familiar Mysteries Book 2

Loyalties questioned…worlds shaken…nothing is what it seems. LA will have to look beyond her own perceptions to see what’s before her very eyes. Or risk losing everything.

When the barrier between worlds is threatened, LA and her friends are sent into the terrifying realm of Axismundi on a super-secret mission to discover who’s behind the breaches. LA believes she going to battle against one of her own…an aunt who’s rumored to want multi-dimensional domination.

What she finds once she gets there is nothing like what she expects.

Intrigues swirl. Loyalties change in the blink of an eye. And loss beyond anything she can imagine waits just over the next horizon. Someone is pulling the strings of it all and LA is fighting against the clock to discover who it is.

Can LA get to the bottom of the mystery and save the worlds? Or will she lose what she loves…one friend or family member at a time…and face the crushing end of all she holds dear?

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Praise for A Familiar Problem

Michelle S Reviews

This was so much fun. I loved the book. I enjoyed all the fun surprises and mishaps. I was shocked more than once which is always the hallmark of a great book in my opinion. The kitties did surprise me!! You will not regret taking a few hours to while a way your time with this book. I was completely entertained with LeeAnn and her Witch.

Amazon Reviewer

Great book! Not your run-of-the-mill witch story. In fact, because it’s not, I enjoyed it so much better. I like the refreshing new look into the supernatural world of witches, demons and familiars. Enjoy

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A white-hot blast of pure energy sizzled through the air, so close the tips of my ears burned from the heat. 
The smell of burning hair and flop sweat filled the air. 

Unfortunately, both smells emanated from me. 

I tried to see through the haze of smoke to where Deg was huddled. He crouched behind an enormous tree that was newly scored by energy bolts, yellow smoke rising off its wounds and leaving behind a sulfurous stench that burned the eyes and throat. 

He straightened, his arm coming up and fingers splayed to emit a golden flash of quelling magic. It would hopefully lock the red-eyed monster across from us into place but leave it alive. 

Leaving it alive was imperative. We had to find out what it was and where it had come from. 


He turned to me, frowning. That was when I realized my mistake. We’d been practicing communicating through mental channels but I kept reverting to good old shrieking through the din. It was my comfort zone.

Sorry, I told him through our mental pathway. I’m going to try to get around behind it. 

He nodded, stepping sideways to send dual sprays of spitting silver energy into the air to obscure my movement. 

I crouched down and ran, not daring to look toward the line of trees hiding the enormous creature with skin like a rhino and teeth and claws that could sever a limb with a single swipe. 

The thing wasn’t fooled by Deg’s cover for long. As I threw myself behind a large rock, an oily stream of dirty-gray energy sent pieces of the rock into the air and scraped across my calf, dragging a scream from my throat as it burrowed under the skin. The energy hissed happily while it chewed on my flesh. 

Abortee.” I murmured as I slapped quelling magic over the wound, extinguishing the evil energy before it could really take hold. 

I crawled to my knees and risked a quick glance over the rock.

The thing wasn’t where it had been when I’d moved. Panic flared. Deg

I’m moving to you.

Where’d it go?

What do you mean? It’s behind that tree line.

No, it’s not…. A wave of rancid air swept over me. I stilled, my fingers flaring with the energy throbbing just beneath my skin. 

The atmosphere was sizzling hot, dense with the putrid stench of sulfur. I felt something at my back and, when the low rumble started I didn’t need to turn around to know what was there.

“Deg, run!”