Flo and Agnes give us Their New Year’s Resolutions

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The time when everybody thinks it’s a good idea to make New Year’s Resolutions. This year, I asked Flo and Agnes about their resolutions. The following is what they told me. Though I’m not holding my breath on any of it!

Flo’s 2019 Resolution

Hello. This is Florence Bee. If you’ve followed my stories, you already know that when I decide to do something, I do it. Some might call me bull-headed, but I prefer determined. I always have to be the responsible one. The one who everybody can count on. It gets dang tedious, let me tell you, but there you have it.

So my New Year’s resolution is that I will try twice as hard to keep Agnes out of trouble. Now, mind, I’m not making any promises. I’m only human. And Agnes is like a giant, magnetic field in a room filled with needles, just sucking that trouble right to her. Things just automatically fall apart when she comes within ten miles of a crime scene. She’s helpless against the pull to destroy evidence. But it’s my duty, as her friend, to try to keep her out of trouble.

Plus, we owe it to TC. If that girl’s ever going to get married and have cute little TC mini-me’s, we need to stop causing trouble between her and that handsome detective she likes so much.kes so much. 

Agnes’s 2019 Resolution

Hey everybody! This is Agnes Willard from Silver Hills. Yeah, I heard what Flo’s resolution is. I don’t understand the problem. I don’t mess up Detective Peters’ crime scene’s on purpose. If stuff happens when I’m there, it’s not my fault. Things happen for a reason, right?

For example, I refuse to take the blame for that Count Dracula fella’s head getting caught in that trap door. It was unfortunate it got flattened that way, but nobody told me I shouldn’t press the button, so it wasn’t my fault. Who among us could resist pressing a big, shiny red button? Who?

Also, I didn’t mean to knock that dead guy off the camel’s back.

And how did I know Detective Peters would misconstrue powdered donut sugar for illicit drugs?

You know that floor in Scarlett’s living room was half rotted. It’s not my fault I fell right through and pulled TC with me.

So what is my New Year’s Resolution? I’m going deep undercover to prove something very important. I’m determined to catch Vlad in the act of draining the blood from one of his victims if it’s the last thing I do. I mean, Silver City can’t have a vampire for a Mayor, can we? Yes, everybody knows politicians are soulless blood-suckers, but Vlad takes that to a whole ‘nuther level!

Oh, and I’m going to lose the three pounds that are keeping me from being absolutely perfect. I’m figuring if I cut my pie intake to one a day, that should do it. I can always up my cookie intake so my blood sugar doesn’t tank. But no more walking club with TC. Uh, uh. Not me. I’m all for a healthy lifestyle, but let’s not get carried away. A girl could do serious damage to herself plodding around on concrete like that!

Yeah, that’s 2 Resolutions. I’m an overachiever. It’s just how I roll.

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