Yesterday's Ghosts

Series: Yesterday's Mysteries, book 3
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-944243-26-5
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications


The ghosts of the past rarely remain there. Not when the future holds so much possibility for them.

When a local man turns up dead at the Apple Blossom Festival ball, Anna and Pratt discover the man had been writing a tell all book that outed the sins of a good portion of Crocker’s residents. So when the local cops set out to find the killer, it makes sense to enlist the help of ex big city detective Pratt Davies. Pratt’s new in town and therefore one of the few who should be unaffected by the book and able to deal subjectively with the myriad suspects surrounding the murder. But Pratt and Anna quickly learn nobody’s beyond this particular gossip’s range. In fact, it’s possible Pratt’s on the suspect list himself. Along with just about everybody else in Crocker!


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Great characters, great story, the mystery reveal was well played and revealed a little at a time with lots of suspicion so that you didn't know who it was until the big reveal. Well done! Enjoy! ~Reviewer Jeri Entler

"I loved that there were more than 1 mystery being solved and that ghostly spirits were involved. A true ghost whodunit. Awesome! I have to admit I would NEVER have suspected the culprit who turned out to be the murderer. Great job at twisting that around, Sam!" ~ Reviewer Tanya Sands

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