Join Sam's Twitter Club

Twitter is the networking tool of today and tomorrow. Its use as a sales and promotion tool is growing exponentially by the day. But how do you make good use of that growth? The short answer is that you need to viralize your promotional posts.

You do this by building a direct and extended network of people who will retweet your posts, moving them through a much larger audience. I've set up a private list on Twitter, and encouraged each of my Club members to do the same. Then, when we see a promotional post from someone in the group, we retweet it through our followers. Each of the members from their groups will be watching for their tweets and retweet anything that looks interesting. What this means is that your tweets have the potential to truly go viral, working their way through all the members in all the associated clubs and their followers.

If you join my club, when I see one of your promotional tweets (a new book, publishing news, a new blog post, etc.), I'll retweet it to my tweeps. Any funny or interesting stuff counts. You would do the same for me, moving my posts through your own private list of retweeters. The more people each of us has on our lists, the more people see each of our tweets. The result is viral.

Like you, I'm always looking for ways to maximize my posts. I came up with this idea and it works. So, what do you think? Let's give this thing a try!

Contact me at to join my club. Or, if you have questions, I'll try to clarify for you.

Tweet, tweet, everybody!


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