Trick or Devil

Series: Holidays Are Hell, book 4
ISBN: 978-1-68418-511-5
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications


When you “read” ghosts for a living, Halloween can be a bit hectic. Even so, Samantha Straeng hadn’t planned on a swashbuckling devil carrying her off to Hell.

For Samantha Straeng, Halloween, which happens to be her busiest time of year, is about to get even more complicated than usual. The drop dead gorgeous man who just walked into her ghost reading business, Back from the Brink, unfortunately isn’t there to hire her for a reading. He has some strange notion of dragging her waaaaay South, where temps are in the thousands and the only thing she’d be reading was a scorched copy of Dante’s Inferno.

Sam has no intention of going to Hell, no matter how sexy her escort is. So she squelches his plans the only way she knows how, using her powers as a witch and her ability to make use of a ghostly cast of characters to escape.

What she wasn't counting on was just how determined her sexy devil is. And how far he’ll go to win her over.

Praise for the Series:

Devil Under the Mistletoe is a great Christmas time romp! It's full of Fun, Laughs and Romance - proving once again why Ms. Cheever is a Fan Favorite!!!!! Highly Recommend. ~Shoppers Express 5 Star Review Corner - Barb

Devil May Care - Sam Cheever adds a terrific twist to the holidays with this sweetheart of a short! I loved the abundance of adventure and the exuberance of this story. The world that has been created is so stunning and I'm glad to have gotten another glimpse of it. This short story shows that even though the holidays can be Hell, there's nothing wrong with a scorching time during the festive seasons.
—4.5 Stars and a Reviewer Top Pick from Pauline, Night Owl Reviews

Esther Egg Hunt - Another fabulous hellish instalment from Sam Cheever. This edgy and incredibly sexy tale of determination to get the hell out of a really bad situation is wickedly entertaining. Detailed descriptions of the how's and wherefores of Hell and its fascinating inhabitants make for an awesome read.


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