Threads of Yesterday

Series: Yesterday's Mysteries, book 2
Ebook ISBN: 9780983823940
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

A deadly secret is tangled up in Yesterday's Threads, and Anna is racing the clock to get it unravelled.

In 1859, Elisabeth Margaret Nelson traveled to Crocker, Indiana to meet her new husband and start a new life. Her family never saw her again. The story of her death and a heartbroken husband who grieves his entire life is a sad tale for sure. But is it true?

When Anna Yesterday receives some vintage dresses from the local museum, she's excited about highlighting them at Crocker's annual Apple Blossom Festival. But someone wants the dresses back, and they'll apparently stop at nothing to get themóleaving a trail of murder and destruction in their wake.

As Anna and Pratt work to uncover the deadly intrigue behind the vintage dresses, interference of another kind is working its way to the surface. All too soon, Anna and Pratt find themselves neck deep in trouble from more than one dimensionóand wondering which will get them first!


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I was intrigued by the premise on this book -- an antique shop owner, Anna Yesterday, solves mysteries in both the past and the present thanks to her sleuthing abilities, her ex-cop hunky assistant Pratt, the ghost of a saloon girl and the ghost of a hunky cowboy. Threads of Yesterday delivered on that promising premise and then some! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am so not a mystery reader! The mystery kept me guessing, the characters felt so real and sympathetic, and the paranormal touch added the perfect little bit of -- dare I say -- whimsy to the book to make it just over the top a great read.

~Reader Review

This second installment in the series continues with Anna and Pratt exploring their blossoming relationship. I was happy to see Pratt's back story, and it wasn't what I expected. Joss's disappearance was interesting, and the interplay between Pratt and Bess was fun to watch. I must admit to a giggle at the idea of a character named Morticia, though.

Another fun trip to the antique store in Crocker......

~The Self-Taught Cook

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