Surviving Gabriella

Series: La Fortuna DeVitis
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63587-967-4
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

Gabriella has been hunted all her life by a madman who knew of her unique abilities even before she did. She’d been abandoned by one parent, abused by another, and the feelings of being alone and unloved had almost made her welcome the vividly cruel world she found herself in.

Then she met Mike Stanton.

And she realized her world didn’t always have to be cold and lonely. She finally recognized that she might be worthy of someone else’s love. But there was a problem. Her past wouldn’t let her go. And she was in danger of dragging Mike and everyone else she cared about into Hell with her.

Mike didn’t understand the power of the heart until he met Gabby…a woman who hadn’t had nearly enough love in her twenty-four, hellish years on earth.

Then he was told to protect her.

And he fell hard and fast for the woman whose instincts and actions kept urging her to fly away, like the beautiful falcon he’d named her.

Can they find the love they both seek before an ugly past and an intensely cruel organization rips them apart? Or will the future they seek only bring them despair as factions they can’t control try to destroy the feelings they’re just learning to cherish?


Praise for Surviving Gabriella!


"Fabulous ending to the trio of La Fortuna Devitis books. If you like suspenseful romances with a lot of action this series is a definite must. All three books are very well written with a storyline that will keep you glued to the pages to find out what’s going to happen next and such heartwarming characters that you’ll adore and what happy endings for. Kudos to Ms. Cheever and another truly phenomenal series and this reader is anxious to see what your bring our way next!


"...this book will keep you reading well past bedtime! Romance, mystery, inuendo, and a superb plot that leads to a very satisfying ending of the trilogy."

"This is an entertaining, suspense and action filled romance that is well written (it is by Sam Cheever so of course it is) Excellent read and very difficult to set down. I really enjoyed it!"


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