Stealth Honeybun

Series: Honeybun Fever, book 3
Ebook ISBN: 9781311489746
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

Peyton just wants to put his feet up and relax. Willa wants to run her business and be left alone. Neither one of them will get what they want... but they just might get much, much more!

Peyton Honeybun just wants to get a six-pack of cold beer and watch football. But, he doesn't quite make it to that La-Z-Boy with his six-pack. When four gunmen enter a small country grocery store and take the employees hostage, Peyton and the store's beautiful owner just barely avoid being discovered and taken hostage with the others.

Willa Sloan doesn't know what's happening when she emerges from the back room and gets a big, warm, Honeybun hand slapped over her mouth as she's dragged backward into hiding. But when she learns her store has been infiltrated and her people taken hostage, the last thing she intends is to hide in a dark corner whimpering.

Together, they discover two things through that long and terrifying night. First, a country grocery store is a great place to run a stealth operation if you’re enterprising enough. And second, love can happen at the strangest times!

Once again Sam Cheever presents her readers with a fascinating hero completely worthy of worship. I am a huge fan of the Honeybun clan and just when I think no one can win me over more than the last leading man along comes a new one. Peyton Honeybun is delicious! He is take charge without being all Neanderthal. I loved watching his reaction to all the hostages and how genuine his character was. Willa Sloan is the perfect counterpart for our Honeybun hero and I love that another strong woman has won the heart of one of these fantastic men. This story had it all as far as I was concerned, action, humor, sizzling sexual tension and emotions a plenty. This is solid proof as to why Sam Cheever is on my must-read list.
—4.5 Stars and Reviewer Top Pick from Night Owl Romance

Sam Cheever novels are always fun, fast and filled with suspense. I hope the author keeps adding hot hunks to this family because readers are guaranteed a wild and enjoyable read.
—ARe Recommended Read

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Stealth Honeybun

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