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From Blue Screened:

Brad reached for the computer in her arms and tried to tug it away from her. She held on for an uncomfortably long moment and then let go with a sigh. Brad handed it to the snotty nerd behind the counter. “Pull the hard drive on this for me, then hack the head off and bury it ten feet deep in unhallowed ground.”

The nerd took it with two fingers, as if it were painted with Swine Flu germs. “You are my hero.”

Brad saluted him, then wrapped an arm around Bliss’ shoulders and turned her toward the back of the store and the new computer section. “Come on Miss Bliss. Let’s get you a new baby to love.”

Her only response was a whimper as he dragged her toward the land of promise at the back of the store.

Blue Screened




Kindle Worlds Novella
Miss Fortune World: Bayou Bubba


Sangui: Alphas of the Blood



Soul Warrior

Dream Lover

Doing the Baba Yaga




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