Series Titles

Cozy Mysteries
(G Rated and sweet romance)

Country Cousin Mysteries
Reluctant Familiar Mysteries
Gainfully Employed
Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries
Smart Investigations, Inc.
Yesterday's Mysteries

Mystery Suspense
(Heat Level Sensual to Hot)

Honeybun Heat

La Fortuna DeVitis



Cozy Mysteries
(G Rated and Sweet Romance)





Country Cousin Mysteries


She's just a country girl who loves her dog. But her life is about to get less countrified and more...erm...homicide.

Deer Hollow is a small community built in a verdant, rolling countryside. The nearest big city is over an hour away and big city ways are rejected at the Hollow. Unfortunately, the big city isn’t the only place where bad things can happen.
Things like murder…which has a funny way of messin’ up a debutante’s day and turning a sunny Sunday in June right over onto its bucolic head.

Book 1: Humpty Bumpkin






Reluctant Familiar Mysteries

Thanksgiving Week!

Join LA, Deg and crew for a fun Christmas themed story as part of a 14 book Holiday mystery collection! Stay Tuned for more!



Book 1: Familiar Territory

Book 2: A Familiar Problem








Gainfully Employed Mystery








Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries

Flo Charts

The Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries Series Prequel

Come to Silver Hills. Where new friends are made and a grim reaper is born.

Agnes Willard is moving into Silver Hills. She’s worried about the change and concerned about fitting in. Luckily for her, Florence Bee has decided to take Agnes under her wing.

When Agnes’ cat Tolstoy escapes as they’re getting Agnes settled into her new apartment, they quickly find him across the hall, perched on a dying woman’s chest.

The new friends soon learn three things from the experience:

1. The cat definitely has an instinct for and proclivity toward people who are on death’s doorstep. 2. Finding and avoiding a killer is a really tough way to spend your first days in a new place. And 3. Agnes truly does have a unique talent for debauching a crime scene.

Book 1: Dose Vidanya


Book 2: Freezer Bernie


Holiday Novella: Christmas Grift

Book 3: Bad HairCult


Book 4: Naval Gazing


Book 5: Vlad-Handing








Smart Investigations, Inc. - Mystery


Book 1: Smart Alex


Book 2: Street Smart







Yesterday's Mysteries - Paranormal Mystery

Yesterday's Lost


An old house…a shadowy night…a tortured spirit...two lives irretrievably changed...

Pratt Davies is a police detective with the Saint Louis PD. He’s comfortable in his role…confident that he’s seen just about everything there is to see.

Until he and his partner answer a call to enter a home where blood curdling screams speak of horrific violence.

Inside the disturbing house, he encounters a strange, icy mist and something malevolent waiting just beyond view. Pratt’s confidence is shaken, his worldview smashed into tiny pieces…like shards of glass from a broken mirror.

Who killed the couple living in that terrible house? What haunted the mist obscuring the scene? How did Pratt’s partner end up bleeding and babbling on the floor, something evil oozing through her gaze?

And how is Pratt…broken and terrified himself…ever going to solve a murder that has every indication of having been born in the ether?


Yesterday's News
Book 1


Threads of Yesterday
Book 2

Yesterday's Ghosts
Book 3

Yules of Yesterday
Book 4

It might be a murder from decades ago, but it still has its claws in the present…and someone seems determined to drag Anna into it.

It’s never a good idea to spend too much time in a haunted mansion, and Anna’s favorite cowboy ghost does his best to talk her out of it. But the opportunity to pick from the beautiful antiques left to her in a Crocker resident’s will is just too tempting for Anna and Pratt to pass up. So they’re going in…

They’re prepared to deal with a few cold spots. Maybe the occasional flickering light. But what Anna and the boys weren’t counting on was bumping up against the ghost of Josiah Bumgartner, a contemporary of Joss’ from the 1800s. And when Josiah claims the old woman who lived in the house hid his bones around the place, Anna agrees to help him find them. But something much darker is at work there. And, unfortunately for our happy little gang of antique hunters…Anna seems to have unwittingly stepped right into the middle of it.


Yesterday's Tears
Book 5








Mystery Suspense
(Heat Level Sensual to Hot)


Honeybun Heat- Romantic Suspense Mystery

Volume 1 of the Honeybun Heat collection includes books 1 through 4 of this fun Romantic Suspense series:

  1. A Honeybun and Coffee
  2. Life, Liberty & Pursuit of a Honeybun
  3. Fast Track to a Honeybun
  4. A Honeybun in Hell

Volume 2 of the Honeybun Heat collection includes books 5 through 8 of this exciting Romantic Suspense series:

5. Honeybun in a Loin Cloth
6. Honeybun at a Dude Ranch
7. Honeybun on the Run
8. Honeybun One and Done


A Honeybun and Coffee
Book 1


Life, Liberty and Pursuit of a Honeybun
Book 2

Fast Track to a Honeybun
Book 3

A Honeybun in Hell
Book 4

Honeybun in a Loin Cloth
Book 5

Honeybun at a Dude Ranch
Book 6

Honeybun on the Run
Book 7

Honeybun One and Done
Book 8

Aloha Honeybun
Book 9



In a battle between evil and Honeybun, tall, red and sexy will always win.

Alfric and Pleasance are getting married on the romantic and beautiful island of Oahu! Or are they? Violence in the rainforest has a way of upsetting even the best laid plans. And when that violence comes a little too close to home...the brothers might need to exchange their lei for a slightly more deadly form of body ornament. Invasion, war and centuries of the best and worst nature can hand them...Hawaii's overcome it all. But the people of the beautiful islands have never experienced the Honeybuns. That's a whole new kind of natural event! 

Stay tuned for more! 










La Fortuna DeVitis

3 Women dogged by a deadly secret. 3 Men trying to protect  them against all odds.

"I love this family and hope there is more of them to come."

"If you like suspenseful romances with a lot of action this series is a definite must. All three books are very well written with a storyline that will keep you glued to the pages to find out what’s going to happen next and such heartwarming characters that you’ll adore and want happy endings for."

Book 1: Revealing Nicola

Book 2: Pursuing Elena

Book 3: Surviving Gabriella





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