Revealing Nicola

Series: La Fortuna DeVitis
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63587-971-1
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

Boy abducts girl. Girl pepper sprays boy. Bullets fly. Two lives change forever…

Nicola has a normal life, filled with friends, a family that loves her, and the usual ups and downs.

Then she's kidnapped.

But her abductor isn't your run of the mill kidnapper. He acts like he knows her. He calls her by another name. And when they're attacked as he's taking her away, he protects her with his life.

Franco has a very difficult job. He's supposed to protect a strong willed heiress from the conspiracy that has plagued her entire life.

Then he grabs the wrong woman.

A woman whose feisty nature and insistence that she's not his heiress have him on edge and off his game.

With menace nipping constantly at their heels, Franco and Nicola must quickly put aside their differences and forge an alliance to stop the shadowy group which pursues them. But circumstances might build something much greater than an alliance between them, as distrust turns to affection and need transforms into something neither one of them is prepared to ignore.

"I just loved this book! It had intense chemistry, some witty banter, strong intelligent female lead and lots of mystery and suspense."

"...About the time you think you know where it's heading, you don't. But the author keeps you so into the storyline and the characters that you keep right on reading wondering just wants going to happen next and better yet, will it happen in time."

"Fantastic read! Has everything and then some. Action, excitement, romance, mystery, sexy times and humor. A real page turner, you will not be disappointed, add this one to your must read list." 

If you love a gripping, roller coaster ride of a thriller with sizzling romance and an edge of your seat climax, Revealing Nicola is the book for you!

Amazon Reader Review: "This is a great read for those who want to engage their deductive brain. Joining Nicola on her journey is fascinating, intriguing, and at times a little unnerving. The main characters are well constructed and you can really start to get inside them. This is really important with Nicola because you can slowly be drawn into her mind and become quite emotionally involved in the trauma she’s experiencing as she learns more about who she really is."

Barbara Barber Reviews: "What an amazing start to what I feel will be a great series. I love books like this: it’s got suspense, touches of humor, strong alpha males, strong sassy females and of course romance. On top of that it has twists and turns that you don’t suspect coming. If you enjoy these types of stories, like I do, this is a definitely Must Read. 2 Thumbs Up and I am anxiously awaiting Book 2 in the La Fortuna Devitis; 3 book series." 

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