Sneak Previews

The following are plot notes for the work I have waiting for me in the wings--minus any spoilers. #:0) I hope you enjoy these preview tidbits!

The Devil You Need -- Ellora's Cave

No matter how hard she tries, Astra can't retrieve her magic. She's so busy trying that, for a long time, she doesn't notice Dialle is slipping away. Without his connection to Astra through her daemon hickey, Dialle's lost his anchor to the light and the dark threatens to pull him under.

In the meantime, their failing relationship is taking its toll on the Royal Court. It's crumbling around their ears. With the court's disintigration comes a flood of potential usurpers, with plots to take over control of the dark world.

When Astra realizes how much trouble Dialle is in, she fights to bring him back. But ultimately, his fear of the darkness he's touched may be their undoing. Because she no longer contains the magic he needs to anchor him or keep his kingdom whole.

Is Dialle the devil she needs? Is Astra the devilish miss he wants? They'll have to decide if their love is worth the risks...or if they'd be better off letting it slip away.


April 2013, Esther Egg Hunt, Holidays are Hell Book 3

This Easter, rather than dying…again…Esther’s gonna resurrect some serious feelings in her sexy perdition guide.

Esther Mills is caught in Hell’s version of ground hog day. Every year she’s resurrected on Easter and relives her death, only to be escorted to Hell again. The one thing that makes her life tolerable is being escorted back to Hell each time by Lucifer, her sexy perdition guide. Esther and Luc share a hot crush. But for some reason he won’t act on his feelings. So this Easter, Esther’s going to make sure Luc can’t ignore her any longer. She’s going to take her life back…and when she’s done with her sexy devil, he’s not gonna know what hit him!


I hope you enjoyed this little sneak preview of my works in progress. You might also be interested in seeing what's coming soon.


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