Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of a Honeybun

Series: Honeybun Heat, book 2
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-3019464-8-8
Print ISBN: 78-1494723804
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

Their first “date” involved a bit of the bubbly, some dancing, and a fiery rocket thundering by overhead. Unfortunately, their second “date” was worse.

Alfric thought the pretty lady with the startling blue eyes was working with the terrorists. But when those same terrorists tried to kill them both, Alfric realized he didn’t have a clue.

Pleasance knew she shouldn’t try to save the auburn haired heart-throb when he rolled his car while chasing her. But she couldn’t quite equate the man she’d been told wanted to hurt her, with the guy who’d just crashed his fancy car to keep from killing some coyote pups.

It was inevitable. The moment they shared the same sphere, fireworks…in the form of bullets, rockets and incendiary devices…exploded.

Now all they had to do was survive long enough to find out if the feelings they didn’t seem able to deny would grow into something that would last.

Get your copy now and start your own Honeybun adventure! And remember, when you’re done with this one, there are 7 more brothers to enjoy.


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I thoroughly enjoyed this witty, romantic, electrifying read. The pace of this book was fantastic and the adventure grabbed my attention from the start. I'd love to see what else this eclectic family can get up to. Wow but those Honeybuns are fine specimens, where can I find one for myself? I will definitely be adding this author to my must-read list.
—5 Stars from The Romance Studio

Sam Cheever creates some of the best characters you could ever find in the pages of a book. The Honeybun brothers are incredibly sexy and loyal. Everyone would want one for their very own. When one is in need they all come running. Any book by Sam Cheever is entertainment at its best.

Love Romances Cafe's Best of 2009 nominee

Love Romances Cafe's Best of 2009 nominee

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Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of a Honeybun

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Honeybun Heat Vol. 1

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