Honeybun Sheik

Series: Honeybun Fever, book 2
Ebook ISBN: 9781310331602
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

He thought he should protect her from his world. But she ended up protecting him!

Callia Honeybun wants nothing more than a chance to rest up and heal from a bad breakup. Trained in weaponry and the martial arts, Callia is nobody's victim. However, when she crashes her snowmobile during a blizzard and wakes up in the chalet of a gorgeous man with a middle eastern accent, she has no idea how dangerous her day is about to become.

Abdel Ezzat is being hunted. He's determined to avoid entanglements. But he can't just ignore the beautiful black woman he finds lying unconscious in the snow. He quickly discovers his new houseguest is strangely unwilling to let him "protect" her. And as much as he tries to ignore her skills and treat her like a lady, he soon realizes he just might need her to stay alive!

Sam Cheever once again gives her readers a fantastic adventure. If you are a fan you will definitely love this one and if you aren't all you need do is pick this up and you will be.
—4.5 Stars from VenusBookLuvr Reviews

I love this book from the role reversal of Calia taking on the active role of bodyguard and protecting Abdel and that Abdel did not fit the stereotype of a narrow minded Arab. He's gorgeous, funny and appreciates both a joke and a woman who knows her own mind. I shall be checking out other books by this author. This one is an adventurous romp and a charmingly sexy romance.
—"Top Pick" from Night Owl Reviews

If you like tall, dark and handsome, then get a taste of Sheik Abdul Ezzat. He is formed from every woman's fantasy. Callia lets no man tell her what to do, well, unless she wants to do what he tells her. I found both characters fabulous for both their traits and the power they give each other. Honeybun Sheik is well worth the adventure.
—4 Stars from Coffeetime Romance and More

There is action, adventure, steamy romance and tender moments as Callia and Abdel grow closer.
—Recommended Read from ARe

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Honeybun Sheik

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