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Dancin' With the Devil Series

My Dancin' With the Devil fantasy series is a fun, action packed series based on a heroine who will touch every emotion you have. And the best part? You can have a taste of the series before you buy! I've written a short free read with all the wonderful characters from the series and even a few new ones! Check it out on my free reads page.

Halloween Love Series

My Halloween Love series follows the Lupire, a race of elite protectors with both werewolf and vampire in their bloodlines, and the beautiful black females of the Lupa Guardian pack. These two elite groups share a common goal: to protect the magical and human worlds from evil. What they don't realize—yet—is that their destinies are also intertwined under mating magic, the most powerful force any of them will ever encounter.

Honeybun Hunks

My romantic suspense series Honeybun Heat is based on a family of eight, sexy brothers with strange old English names and a proclivity toward finding and dealing with trouble. When a Honeybun or his honey is in trouble, the whole Honeybun clan gets involved in solving the problem and saving the damsel in distress... whether they're wanted or not!

They shop, they cook, they shoot, they ride, they kick bad guy butt all over the place. They're sexy, red-haired, wonderfully masculine, and delightfully non-traditional, except when it comes to treating a woman right. Terrorists pale when they see a Honeybun, criminals wobble, and women swoon with sensual delight.

Crossword Puzzles

'Tween Heaven and Hell - Print this PDF file and read the excerpt provided to find all the answers to the puzzle. Have fun!

Watch for more fun crosswords in the near future!

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