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Nocked for a Loop
Dented Logic

Nocked For A Loop

Featuring the Cupids from Nocked Over

When Cupid Christian Kairos sees the lush, beautiful goddess Arion on Olympus, he's drawn to her like a bee to pollen. Her reaction to him suggests she feels the same. So when they find themselves alone together, it doesn't take long for them to pollinate. Christian decides he has to have her for his own. Unfortunately she's been promised to another.


The goddess pursed her lips in agitation and shook her head, bringing the gold silk of her hair forward to rest against the peaches and cream mounds of a very healthy bosom. At a further sound of indignation, Christian forced his gaze to rise to her heart-shaped face, which currently looked as if she wanted to hit him about the head and shoulders with her pretty floral arrangement.

"Some Cupid you've turned out to be." The young goddess turned on her heel and stomped toward a gate at the far end of the courtyard.

Christian, telling himself he only wanted to recoup his good name, followed hot on her heels. "I beg your pardon, goddess..." He let the question hang hopefully, counting on her good manners to win him her name.

She cast him a quick glance as she slipped through the gate. The dense perfume of a million lush blooms assailed Christian's nostrils as they entered the castle gardens. He realized she'd probably been returning to the castle when he and Callista had happened upon her.

"Arion." She told him with a pretty pout. "And I'll not lie with you just because my sister wishes it."

Nocked for a Loop

Dented Logic

Cinnamon Palmer is having a bad day. Some moron has plowed into her cherished CRV in the parking lot at work and then blamed her for the accident. Feeling as if she hates all men, Cinnamon is more than a little surprised when she opens her door and finds gorgeous Parker Cooke standing on her doorstep.

Just to be neighborly, Parker offers to fix the dent in her car and asks only for a home cooked meal in return. Cinnamon agrees, happy to extend her time with her yummy new neighbor as long as possible. But 'as long as possible' turns out to be not nearly long enough. Parker intends to devote as much time as possible to his new business and has no time for love.

Cinnamon isn't deterred. She just comes up with a very creative way to keep him in her life!


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