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Feb/May, 2017: La Fortuna DeVitis - 3 Book Series Release



Revealing Nicola

She has to overcome a lifetime of secrets...the shock of discovery.
He must protect A treasure that has turned passion to hate...reason to incoherence.
Poisoned by danger, intrigue, lust, and greed...their very survival is in the balance.
Can they survive the intrigue and find love? And if they do...will it be enough?

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Pursuing Elena

She thought she knew her place in the world.
He thought he understood who she was.
But when secrets explode... and loyalties are questioned...
Neither one will come out of it unscathed.
Can they survive the lies and find love? Will it be enough to save them?

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Surviving Gabriella - May 5th, 2017!

She’s shattering under the weight of her secret.
His heart is breaking as he watches her collapse.
events are twisting more tightly around them... Making it hard to breathe...or love...
Can they sever the shackles of destiny and find love?
Or Will they just exchange one type of restraint for another?

Stay Tuned for more!





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