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Feb/March, 2017: La Fortuna DeVitis - 3 Book Series Release

Are you ready?

The DeVitis Family is old money and perennial power with an ancient code of ethics. Violence is part of their everyday existence. And the DeVitis’ have paid a high price for their way of life. As each generation falls to age and treachery, a new generation must protect the vital treasure at the core of the family. The current generation is soft, prone to ignoring that which upsets them. And worse, In Nicola and Franco’s case, untrained in the ways of the DeVitis’. Are they ready for their lives to inexplicably change? Do they have what it takes? If not, survival will quickly become a nearly impossible goal and the fire they’re building between them will be squelched beneath an avalanche of danger and intrigue.

Stay Tuned for more!


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