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Bubba Dub Dub

Miss Fortune Kindle Worlds (Bubba Book 2) - July, 2015


Bubba Dub Dub, three crooks in a tub. And only enough Scratch for two…

Felonius Chance has escaped, and Felly thinks he might have returned to Sinful, at least long enough to leave her a message. Realizing she and her sexy PI are at least twice as smart as the cop who’ll be looking for him, he decides to leave her a series of clues leading to his location, rather than a single, direct instruction. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the Russian mob finds Felicity in Sinful and things get complicated when the Bayou mob gets dragged to the party. Suddenly she’s not only looking for her father, she’s also racing to avoid a collision between all the bad guys on her trail. Thank goodness she has a heavily armed and resourceful Swamp Team 3 at her back!

Stay Tuned!

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