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July 15, 2016: Book 2: Smart Investigations, Inc. - Street Smart

Fractured love, treachery and murder...

Matthew and Alex take on a new case that will threaten their growing feelings for each other and dangerously undermine their professional relationship, while pitting them against a killer more deadly than any they've faced. Can they survive the dual threat? Will they reach for each other when things get rough? Or will they let misunderstanding and menace kill the future they've started building together?

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September 15, 2016: Book 8: Bedeviled & Beyond - The Darma Books - Beset and Bewildered

Discovery, passion and trickery...

Astra Q Phelps' sister Darma has always lived in her sister's shadow. And what a shadow it was... Darma was the light issue in a marriage of good and evil, her feet firmly planted on terra firma. Astra was the butt-kicking dark spawn walking the edge between good and evil. (Her words, not mine.) But, though Darma came into her magic kicking and screaming, when it hit hard. Now that she's running her sister's demon quashing business alongside the sexy Slayer, she's got more problems than she can handle. She's all itchy and twitchy, borderline out of control and she can't tell if the sparks that keep flying all around her come from the magic she really doesn't want to use...or the sexy halfling with the bad boy ways, who just refuses to keep his hands off her. Add to the mix a scary new client with a deadly problem, and it's a whole cauldron of trouble for a good girl to handle. Only problem is, Darma isn't sure she's up for the task. Hades, she's not even sure she's a good girl anymore!

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TBD: Book 2: Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries

Flo, Agnes and the gang will be back for a fun new adventure. Stay Tuned!


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