Bubba Dub Dub

Kindle Worlds: Miss Fortune Series
Series: Miss Chance Meets Miss Fortune,
Book 2
ASIN: B010C8PK90
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

Bubba Dub Dub, three crooks in a tub, and only enough scratch for two!

Felicity Chance returns to Sinful looking for a message from her father. Following a trail of clues Felly hopes will help her find him, she enlists the invaluable…and distracting…aid of Swamp Team 3. Unfortunately their search is complicated by the usual things—Carter and new mayor Celia Arceneaux have made it their mission to keep a close eye on Swamp Team 3 plus 1. The team also finds itself running from the Russian Mafia as well as the local bad guys. Will Felly and the Swamp Team find her father before all the bad guys do? Or will she get bogged down by the swamp, and sucked into the muck of her father’s shady past?

5 Stars! "Oh my she's done it again. Sam Cheever's Bubba Dub Dub is simply delightful. This is a must read tale simply for the entertainment value not to mention finding out what this crazy bunch stumbles into - Literally Stumbles!"

~Barbara Barber


5 Stars! Bubba Dub Dub is another fun installment of Miss Felicity's adventures in the swamp. The trio had me chuckling with every page and I cannot wait to find out what they get up to next. The bayou has always been a scary place for me but with these adventures this unique landscape because the setting for some amazing fun and I cannot wait to visit again. If you are looking for for a bunch of bumbling and stumbling smiles you've got to pick this one up.

~Venus Cahill Reviews


5 Stars! "What a fun story... With a bit of stumbling and bumbling, Felicity Chance, with the aid of Swamp Team 3, find themselves in over their heads with the Russian Mafia. No worries, Swamp Team 3 is not easily deterred! You won't be disappointed with this quick read...except only that the fun is over way too quickly!"

~Becky Burciaga


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