Come to Silver Hills… Book 5: Vlad-Handing is now available!

“I was snorting into my pillow so much I sounded like my grand dog Nova. People this is a keeper. I went out and bought the paperback this weekend! You need to read this NOVEL it will cheer you up, make you get over the blues and damn will make you walk around with a smirk and half smile for awhile. These characters become you friends and family. I have a lot of people read Flo and Company! They are a treat.” Karen Frost Reviews

Come to Silver Hills. Where an old nemesis can lead to new trouble and murder is a line item in a business plan.

Vlad Newsome isn't exactly known as a people person. He's really more contentious than convivial.

But something's changed with him, and Flo and Agnes are suspicious.

Vlad's suddenly “peopling”. He's shaking hands and even curving his thin lips upward at times in a terrifying imitation of a smile.

Could it be he's turning over a new leaf? Is he facing a life-changing event that's made him grow as a person?


He's up to something. And Flo and Agnes are determined to find out what.

When a woman who had a beef with the reprehensible creature of the night known as Vlad Newsome turns up dead in her home…Vlad appears to be the culprit behind her murder.

Silver City PD certainly believe he's guilty. But Vlad insists he's innocent. It's going to be up to Flo and Co. to solve the murder and find the “real” killer. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the ladies aren't totally certain Vlad isn't the murderer.

Will Flo and Co. walk away…leave Vlad to defend himself? If you believe that you haven't been paying attention.

After all, this is Flo and Agnes!


“Maybe somebody died,” Agnes offered.

Flo rolled her eyes and pulled a spiky branch up to cover her face. “I hope not, since they're all laughing.”
Agnes's round face folded into a frown. “In some cultures, death is celebrated.”

“While I realize being a vampire could be considered another culture…I doubt any of Vlad's victims or their families would celebrate death by fang.” Flo ducked, pulling the branch with her, as the goth version of a night manager skimmed a look her way. Regrettably, her movement totally exposed her fellow stalker.

Agnes gulped loudly as Vladwick Newsome fixed his black, deadly gaze on her, clearly miffed. “He saw me, Flo.”

Another man approached Vlad and, unbelievably, the usually unfriendly night manager offered the tall, tough-looking man his hand. They shook vigorously and Vlad actually leaned close, whispering something to the other man that made him smile.

“What the?” Agnes stood up, glaring across the street until Vlad turned her way. Then he said something to his new friend and started toward them, his dark eyes flashing with anger.

Flo grabbed her friend's hand. “Come on. It's still daylight. His powers are weaker when the sun's up.”

Snorting, Agnes let herself be dragged toward the street. “I almost wish he really was a vampire so that would be true.”

Flo sighed. “Me too.” They hurried across the street and headed toward home. “I think we just witnessed Vlad's attempt to foil our plans.”

Agnes shrugged. “To tell you the truth, I'm okay with that. I really don't want to be a weekend manager.”

“Why not?” Flo asked. “I'll admit the pay's not great but it would be nice to have a little extra income, wouldn't it?” Agnes didn't actually have any income at the moment. She was able to live at Silver Hills because of an inheritance from her parents, which was just enough to pay for her apartment there and not much else.

Her friend shrugged. “It's just…”

“Hey!” The snotty, strident voice assaulted them from across the street.

Flo grabbed Agnes' hand, pulling her into a faster walk. “Don't look back.”

“We can't just ignore him,” Agnes said as she began to turn.

Flo jerked her around. “Don't! He's just going to threaten you and Tolstoy with eviction again.”

“Flo, you know he's going to do that anyway. He's going to be mad if I put my name in the hat for the manager's position.”

“But if you get the job he won't be able to threaten you with that ever again,” Flo reminded her.

She saw the moment the realization hit. Agnes' round, expressive face brightened in a smile. “You're right.” To Flo's horror, Agnes stopped and turned as Vlad hurried closer. “What up, vamp?”

The cranky night manager curled his lip and oozed to a stop deep inside their comfort zone.

Flo took a step backward, glaring at him. “Vlad.”

He gave her a smug grimace. “Annoying woman from the second floor.”

Flo fought irritation. The man knew perfectly well who she was. He just liked to pretend she was so unimportant he couldn't remember her name. She clamped her lips down on the desire to give it to him again. It wouldn't make any difference and would allow him a win.

She was all about not giving Vlad Newsome a win.

He turned a piercing, nearly black gaze toward Agnes. Flo saw her friend twitch, her eyes widening as if she couldn't look away.

“He can't compel you with his gaze, Agnes.”

Agnes chewed on her bottom lip. “Are you sure? I'm feeling kind of woozy.”

“That's because you stopped breathing.” Flo touched her friend's thick wrist. “Drop your eyes and breathe, fool.”

Agnes didn't blink. Her eyes were so big Flo was afraid they might be stuck. “Agnes, a bug's going to fly into your eyes if you don't blink.”

Agnes' mouth opened into a horrified “O”. She hated when that happened. “I can't Flo, he's got me.”

Vlad chuckled darkly, clearly enjoying Agnes' hysteria.

Flo reached out and punched him in the arm.

“Ow!” His smile died as he rubbed his skinny arm. “That hurt.”

Fortunately, when he looked away, Agnes broke the spell she'd put on herself. She glared at him. “You won't stop me with your vampire ways,” she told him angrily.

He shook his head. “You people are idiots. There is no such thing as vampires.”

“That's exactly what a vampire would say when it was about to be outed,” Agnes told him smugly.


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There aren't many times when I lament having 16 dogs…mud season is one of them I'm afraid. Imagine if you will, 64 mud-beslimed paws trotting across your floors and carpets. I coat the space in front of the door with rugs, stacked one upon the other to try to protect all the available space, but the mud laughs at my efforts. It clings to their multi-sized paws until they've trotted over all the rugs and then leaps onto my floor. So, in desperation, I came up with a list of things to do with the tracks. Because…well…

1. Create a tracking game in an attempt to isolate and locate a specific dog. (dog found, belly up in my office closet)

Prize: 1 cookie for me!

2. Perform scientific experiments to determine the make-up of the most persistent tracks. (finding: slime and mud and more slime)

Prize: 2 cookies for me!

3. Map out the tracks to determine the seasonal migration pattern of the irretrievably domesticated canine. (finding: mostly the couch by way of the recliner and then the chair by the living room window)

Prize: 2 cookies and 1 piece of pie for me!

4. Do a hopscotch type of thing with the largest tracks. (This would have been fun, except hubby got his panties in a wad over the chalk marks on the floor. Crab…

Prize: 3 pieces of chocolate, a glass of wine, and a pear pie in a sugar tree

5. Follow the tracks leading to my bedroom because, let's face it, at this point I'm stuffed and saturated with wine. Plus I got all that exercise with the hopscotch thing…

Prize: A one hour nap for me!


Enjoy the mud…it's all we've got for the time being.


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How Did Your Favorite Silver Hills Characters Meet?

I'll let you in on a little secret! This is a temporary cover, made by moi, because my artist couldn't schedule the book until next week. So please excuse the cheesiness… LOL I promise it will have a wonderful cover in a few days! xx


Let's face it, most readers would love to know everything there is to know about their favorite characters…likes and dislikes, phobias, backgrounds, families, reasons for why they do what they do… You get the picture. But a great book finds it expedient to stay pretty much in the here and now, with only a taste of the past and a glimpse of the future to spice up the story line. There are, of course, exceptions. Some authors use flashbacks fairly effectively to give the reader more information on their characters than the “here and now” provides. But many of us find flashbacks confusing and annoying. Soooo, what's a kind-hearted author to do when she feels the need to give her readers the gift of character background? Why, she writes a prequel of course! Well, that's what this author did anyway. #:0)

I've gone back into Flo and Agnes' past, to the place where they first met, and let you experience for yourself how they became best friends. Of course it all began with a murder and, obviously, they felt the need to solve the mystery. That's what makes it all so much fun!

Along the way we learn that Agnes has an uncommon talent for tampering with a crime scene and we discover why the residents at Silver Hills think Tolstoy's the grim reaper.

We get to meet new characters that might return in future books…not all of them human. We witness the beginning of Flo and TC's friendship too, and watch them work together in their very first murder mystery. Even Celia Angonetti and Old Mrs. Peoples (a young and pithy octogenarian in this story) show up to enhance the fun. #:0) But most importantly, we start to understand why Flo and Agnes work so well together and why their friendship is so strong and important. Oh…and of course Vlad the Repeller is there to serve as everybody's favorite vampire slash (see what I did there? hehehe) night manager to hate.

To top it all off — you get a fun mystery filled with lots of Agnes-isms! What more could you possibly want?

I hope you'll grab a copy of Flo Charts. Even if you've already read the rest of the series, there's much gold to be mined in this one. Oh, and have I left the best for last?

It's FREE!

Happy Reading!


Come to Silver Hills. Where new friends are made and a grim reaper is born.

Agnes Willard is moving into Silver Hills. She’s worried about the change and concerned about fitting in. Luckily for her, Florence Bee has decided to take Agnes under her wing.

When Agnes’ cat Tolstoy escapes as they’re getting Agnes settled into her new apartment, they quickly find him across the hall, perched on a dying woman’s chest.

The new friends soon learn three things from the experience:

  1. The cat definitely has an instinct for and proclivity toward people who are on death’s doorstep.
  2. Finding and avoiding a killer is a really tough way to spend your first days in a new place.
  3. Agnes truly does have a unique talent for debauching a crime scene.

Grab your copy NOW! (Erm, sorry for yelling at you there. #:0)





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