There aren't many times when I lament having 16 dogs…mud season is one of them I'm afraid. Imagine if you will, 64 mud-beslimed paws trotting across your floors and carpets. I coat the space in front of the door with rugs, stacked one upon the other to try to protect all the available space, but the mud laughs at my efforts. It clings to their multi-sized paws until they've trotted over all the rugs and then leaps onto my floor. So, in desperation, I came up with a list of things to do with the tracks. Because…well…

1. Create a tracking game in an attempt to isolate and locate a specific dog. (dog found, belly up in my office closet)

Prize: 1 cookie for me!

2. Perform scientific experiments to determine the make-up of the most persistent tracks. (finding: slime and mud and more slime)

Prize: 2 cookies for me!

3. Map out the tracks to determine the seasonal migration pattern of the irretrievably domesticated canine. (finding: mostly the couch by way of the recliner and then the chair by the living room window)

Prize: 2 cookies and 1 piece of pie for me!

4. Do a hopscotch type of thing with the largest tracks. (This would have been fun, except hubby got his panties in a wad over the chalk marks on the floor. Crab…

Prize: 3 pieces of chocolate, a glass of wine, and a pear pie in a sugar tree

5. Follow the tracks leading to my bedroom because, let's face it, at this point I'm stuffed and saturated with wine. Plus I got all that exercise with the hopscotch thing…

Prize: A one hour nap for me!


Enjoy the mud…it's all we've got for the time being.


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