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Okay, my ghost was possibly a unique type of spirit. We dubbed him the Electrical Ghost. But for all the silliness that name implies, this ghost was very real and very spooky.
We'd moved into a new home in Derry, New Hampshire. The house was at the end of a country street, on a Cul de Sac. A perfect place to raise our two girls, who were very young at that point. My husband had just taken a new job and he traveled a lot. We weren't close to family at that stage in our lives so it was pretty much just me and my two babies.

I didn't really mind being alone. The girls kept me busy and we had lots of fun together. But when the weirdness started happening, it was definitely less fun!

First of all, we had a cat named Cheerio. Cheerio didn't like the new house. At. All. In fact, she hid almost all the time. It wasn't until we moved a few years later that I realized how abnormal her behavior had been. I always figured she was just hiding from the kids. And who could blame her! LOL

If I'd been paying attention at that point I might have seen the other stuff coming. But I was a young, exhausted mother and didn't have a clue.

Until the smoke alarms started going off at Midnight. Several nights in a row. Of course my husband was gone when this happened.

Then the doorbell started to ring and there was nobody there. One time my husband (yeah, he was there for this one) was on the phone with the contractor trying to explain the problems when the doorbell started going off. After a few minutes the contractor asked my husband if he was going to get the door. Hubby waited a beat and then told the man that was one of the reasons we were calling. There was nobody there.

Then half the plugs and lights in the kitchen went out. They were all on the same switch…impossible… And of course the garage door opener would randomly decide not to work.

We finally asked the contractor if he'd built the house on a burial ground or something. Maybe an electrician was murdered and buried there before the house was built. ROFL!

We never found out what was causing all the weirdness, but when we moved again a couple of years later, Cheerio came out of hiding. She was a perfectly normal cat from that point on.

They always say animals are sensitive to this type of thing. I guess that old wives tale is true!

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15 Responses to Have you Ever Been Haunted? I Have…

  1. Anne says:

    No, but I wish it did (but not a poltergeist type experience).


  2. susie shively says:

    can’t remember ever being haunted, but loved reading about it….would love to win

  3. Jamie Rasmussen says:

    I used to have two cats that were sisters. After one of the cats died, her ghost visited her sister when the two of us were in my bathroom. A towel on one of my towel racks was moving like a breeze was blowing on it but there wasn’t a breeze. I looked at my cat and the fur on her back was standing on end.

  4. MaryJane says:

    Yikes! What an experience that must have been, I can’t imagine what it must have been like. I’ve never been haunted or even been in a haunted building that I know of. We used to ride quads and one time there were several of us on a run and we were always finding abandoned cars, trucks, etc. well this one time we came upon a fairly new car that was closed up like someone had just walked away from it. The hairs on the back of my neck were vibrating as we approached it and I just knew we were going to find a body in it! But, thankfully, we didn’t…

  5. Teri Lenz says:

    When I was in New Orleans, I noticed that places for rent would say whether or not they were haunted. I found that intriguing.

  6. Karlee Lawrence says:

    I haven’t been haunted before (touch wood) though I find others stories fascinating.

  7. Amanda B. says:

    Thankfully I can say that I have never been haunted! I think I would lose my mind with all of those electrical problems.

  8. Debi Deason says:

    I have lived in houses that had spirits in them two times. The first was in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai. I lived in a small duplex just off the grounds of a resort that consisted of bungalows and a central building that had the reception, restaurant, etc. which although fairly new looking, was closed down. I had several experiences, from a REALLY cold spot that would form in the only closet to a salt shaker sliding across a completely dry table. I talked to the security guard one night and he told me that the resort was built on sacred ground and the local elders had not been consulted or asked to bless it. Once built, they couldn’t keep guests because they were tormented by noises at night, their toilets getting clogged up with toilet paper, all kinds of things. Must have been pretty bad to close down a multi million dollar resort!

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