Happy Thanksgiving from the Honeybun Hunks

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As you can imagine, Thanksgiving at the Honeybun home is a chaotic affair. With a baby and a five year old added to the mix, things will be even more unruly this year! But things should never get so chaotic that a family filled with love and loyalty shouldn't stop and consider what they're thankful for. So here it is, what the cast of the Honeybun Hunks series is thankful for:

Mama Wanda Honeybun: The matriarch of the Honeybun clan is grateful that I dragged every one of her sons through their stories alive and, mostly, well. Though they came away from their adventures with emotional and sometimes physical scars, all eight of Wanda's sons are the stronger and happier for their adventures!

Papa Bob Honeybun: As a lawyer of some renown, the patriarch of the Honeybun clan is just glad the boys' tendency to walk that fine, at times nearly invisible, line between legal and illegal when working to protect and save their loved ones, hasn't really come back to bite him in the butt yet. There have been several really close calls, but so far so good. Unless you count the birth of little Matilda Honeybun. That was an event that nearly did him in!

Uncle Brick Honeybun is especially grateful that he didn't agree to pose for a portrait with Pleasance before finding out what her preferred art form was. (She paints male nudes!)

Alfric Honeybun is grateful that being burned with the super secret government spy organization he worked for allowed him to find and save Pleasance, the love of his life. He's also grateful that he was reinstated with that secret organization so he could keep his seven brothers alive and help them save their honeys from an assortment of bad and worse situations.

Godric Honeybun is very grateful that he joined the Civil War Reenactment in Southern Indiana, or he'd have never met his soul mate, Dini. Of course he wouldn't have fallen off a cliff, been washed away in a flood, or attacked by a crazed ex-military ghost soldier either.

Percy Honeybun is grateful that not too many people know his full name (Percival) because the shortened version is bad enough. But more importantly, he's grateful he and his looooonnnnngggg time girlfriend Brita are finally seeing things eye to eye…well mostly.

Clovis Honeybun is grateful he no longer has to stomp privates who chuckle about his name…militarily speaking of course. He's also so very grateful he was able to snatch little Cilla out of the murky pond in time to save her, or his honey, Emma would have never forgiven him for that whole drugging her and putting her in the back of the car thing.

Alastair Honeybun is grateful his beautiful new wife, Angie FINALLY married him. He's also very grateful she didn't blow it off that day in her coffee shop when she heard two low-lifes talking about killing him. She rode to his rescue and set off a chaotic but fun set of events that he was pretty sure the whole Honeybun clan will be talking about for the rest of their lives.

Edric Honeybun is sooo very grateful that he found the lovely Bella and she gave him a beautiful and incredibly smart baby girl named Matilda. Okay, he's not grateful Bella allowed Mama Honeybun to pick the name…but he's grateful for the beautiful baby and figures she wears the name well. Even if it is stupid.

Warwicke Honeybun is grateful he went with his instincts that night at the track and decided to step in to help the beautiful but icy Fabiana when he found a fellow driver smacking her around. Though she's a tough competitor on the track, Warwicke is glad she finally allowed him into her heart. Oh, and he's really glad his youngest brother Heathcliffe has lost all disguise priveledges after embarrassing them all to death as Mateo at the drag races!

Heathcliffe Honeybun is really grateful his life crisis drove him to spend some time at his cousin Peyton's dude ranch in Southern Indiana. If he hadn't gone he'd have never met Nita and wouldn't have been able to save her from a deadly stalker. But more importantly, he would never have been able to play the fun-loving Carlton Critic to Nita's Candy Cupcake at the murder mystery dinner the night they first made love.

Sam Cheever: Yeah, I'm inserting myself into this because the thing I'm most thankful for, after the health and happiness of my real and fictional families, is that, every day, I get to do what I enjoy most in the world. I get to craft stories filled with love, laughter and excitement. I'm the luckiest woman alive!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! And for those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I'll eat an extra slice of pumpkin pie for you. Nice of me, huh? Yeah, that's just how I roll. Wait a minute…that might be the reason I roll…

Hugs and kisses!

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