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When the Universe Gives Me a “Thing” – I Make Thingade

  It’s weird how events in the universe really do have a way of bunching up, creating a “thing” where moments earlier there was nothing.┬áMy current “thing” is people telling me how to do my job as a writer better. … Continue reading

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Bots — The Future in Communication?

You’ve probably already used chat bots even if you don’t realize it. Facebook’s Messenger is a chat bot so if you’ve used that you’ve dipped your toes into those waters. It’s a fun idea. You can chat in real time … Continue reading

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So Many Books — Why Choose Mine?

The best books yank you into their world, wrap you in a warm gauze of pleasure, and set you free to bobble upon the surface of a rich and immersive story-line. Hopefully, at the end of that experience you emerge … Continue reading

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