Bots — The Future in Communication?

You've probably already used chat bots even if you don't realize it. Facebook's Messenger is a chat bot so if you've used that you've dipped your toes into those waters. It's a fun idea. You can chat in real time with people you know only online, it costs nothing and protects everybody's privacy. Facebook used to be like that. But changes in Facebook which limit everybody's view of their followers and friends are actually inspiring a new direction for people like me, who make a living selling stuff and who need to get the word out to our connections when we have something to sell.


Bots are cool for a few reasons:

1. You can subscribe to them without giving away any personal information like an email. So, if you're one of those people who's fed up with getting dozens of emails from news lists every day, being subscribed to bots doesn't feed that beast.

2. You can stay up to date with Facebook connections you might not otherwise see in your feed because Facebook is limiting them and you. For example, if you want to know when I have a new book coming out in your favorite series, you can subscribe to my bot on Facebook and I'll send you a Direct Message when I have a new release or any other fun news, such as appearances, sneak previews, contests and more!

3. Bots are easy, fun and interactive. I currently have a couple of bots that allow you to “chat” with two of my favorite characters. Joss from my Yesterday's Mysteries and Flo from my Silver Hills Cozy mysteries. This type of bot offers information you want in a fun and entertaining way.

Bots, I believe, are the wave of the future for online communications. I think the potential is exciting and, as more and more people use the technology, I think we'll see it grow and change to become even more useful.

Want to give my bot a try? Click the link below to Subscribe to my Welcome bot and enjoy!





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