Blaise’s Job Hunting tip #2

Blaise, the heroine of my Gainfully Employed Mystery Series, has another job-hunting tip for you. Blaise's tips might be a little…erm…creative, but nobody knows how to look for a job better than the woman who's made a living doing it!

Tip #2 – Do Your Research: Once you've selected the company and job you wish to apply for, make sure you go online and do some research on the person who you'll be interviewing with. This is a vital step that most people neglect and, with today's great search capabilities, there's just no excuse not to do it.

It's particularly helpful if you have a boyfriend who's a Private Investigator and who can do a deep dive on your target.

Is your interviewer a devoutly religious person? It might be best not to tell him/her that you're F*^%ing excited to be asked to interview.

Did your interviewer recently lose a hundred pounds? You might want to resist bringing him/her a salted caramel and fudge cheesecake from your favorite pastry restaurant.

Does your interviewer spend his nights at the Pounding Palace being horse-whipped by Mistress Lela? You could always wear leather and tell him you'll hurt him bad if he doesn't hire you. Of course this is a last resort. Threatening to tell the office gossip about his unique proclivities is a much better option to start.

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