Blaise’s Job Hunting Tip #1

Take it from the woman who makes a living looking for a living…

The heroine of my Gainfully Employed Mystery Series has a tip for you on how to spruce up that lagging resume when job hunting. Blaise's tips might be a little…erm…non-traditional, but nobody knows how to look for a job better than the woman who's made a living doing it!

Tip #1 – “Adjusting” Your Resume: You should always “adjust” your resume to match the current job you're applying for. A tiny bit of “fact plumping” might be prudent to show you in the best possible light. Now, some might think this is little better than lying on your resume. Pshaww! Ignore those naysayers. They clearly haven't tried to find a job recently!

Here's an example of some very effective “fact fattening”. You are trying for an office job but your professional experience is as a waitress at an ice cream shop. In this case, you might want to include a job description such as the following:

Previous Experience:

Performed order and revenue management at a nationally recognized dairy delivery establishment. Responsible for multi-thousands of dollars in yearly sales. Excelled at customer satisfaction and resource delivery (spoons and napkins). Met sales goals 5 out of 5 months and led the team in pursuing opportunities for additional sales revenue (You did double duty at the carry out window.)

Sounds great, right? I'd hire you myself…except now I know what a liar you are. (You should be ashamed!) teehee!

Stay Tuned for more tips from Blaise!




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