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Chasing bounties comes natural to a bloodhound shifter. Except when the bounty is a sexy earth fairy with an attitude. 

Bounty Hunter Matthew Blood is a Bloodhound shifter from the planet Eninac. Rum is an earth fairy who left the fairy mound to save some kidnapped fae. When they learn they might be pursuing the same people, they decide to join forces. Unfortunately, Blood soon discovers that fairy dust isn’t the only addictive thing about a fairy!


Petra, skidded in on her knees and landed next to Matt. The closing door was peppered with bullets. She looked up at him from the ground. “Hey, Blood. You know how to shoot one of these?”

Littlejohn glanced back and shrugged. “Cat’s out of the bag.”

Matt quickly shifted and took the rifle from her.

She grinned. “Naked gun fighting. I could get used to this.”

Matt skimmed a glance over Littlejohn’s long, sexy back, fixating on his nicely rounded ass. “Couldn’t we all?”

Littlejohn fired his rifle, and a muffled cry told them he’d scored a hit. He didn’t turn as he said, “Keep your eyes on the bad guys, Blood, or my foot’s gonna be so far up your ass you’ll have to pick rubber out of your teeth.”

Matt lifted his eyebrows. “Never say, ‘pick rubber from your teeth’ to a gay guy, man.”



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Declan Sands writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Declan is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

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Blaise ‘n’ Dolfe Break a Dating Service

Today, I thought it would be fun to share the personal ads for the H/H in my brand new Christmas release, HoHo Honeybun. Knowing Blaise and Dolfe the way I do, I’m thinking this should be interesting!


Fun Loving Party Girl Seeks Exuberant, Merrymaking Male

I’m 27 years old and love to party. Life is too short and I want to enjoy it while I’m still young and beautiful! I’m an attractive 5’11” black woman and I’m allergic to being serious, so I want a man with a great sense of humor.

Being a rabid night owl, I don’t DO mornings. Let me repeat…you really DON’T WANT to be around me if I have to get up before noon on the weekends. How bad can it be you ask? Think Walking Dead. Not the hot, slightly sweaty and unkempt heroes who lop off zombie heads…the other guys. That’s me the morning after a night at the club. It’s not pretty. Don’t even talk to me until I’ve had three or four cups of coffee, then approach very slowly, gaze averted, and in a slightly slumped posture. If you do that I might not eat you.

When I’m not partying I’m usually shopping. I adore clothes and other girly stuff…mostly shoes. Jimmy Choos are my absolute favorite and I favor the ones with four-inch-tall spike heels. So I need a man who is really tall.

I waitress and tend bar for a living and make really ridiculous tips. Men love me and I’m really good with them, so they tip me handsomely…sometimes even more than their drinks cost. Thus the ability to buy Jimmy Choos. <grin> What this means is that my perfect match isn’t jealous, but allows me to use my charms at my place of work…and my place of play…and pretty much anywhere else…without getting all possessive and cavemanish. I don’t need a man to take care of me. I can do it myself. I’ve been known to deck men who come on too strong and still leave them panting for more!

Looks? I’d love if you had a piercing gaze that made me go all melty inside, and I’ve already given you the height requirement. A nice six pack would be a serious bonus. But if you can stand up to me at a club, with moves like you’re trying out for Dancing with the Stars, and have nice hands, I’ll give you a look. I’m not too picky. <grin>

If you meet all of these criteria I’d love to take you for a test run at my favorite club next weekend. PM me!


Serious, Protective Male Looking for Down-to Earth, Nurturing Female

I have no idea how to do this. I’m just gonna wing it. Hopefully I’ll get it right.

I’m a Private Investigator who’s looking for someone I can have a normal, traditional relationship with. I want a woman who’s careful and considerate…one who doesn’t take unnecessary risks. I’ve walked the seedier side of life long enough to know how much trouble you can get into if you’re not careful. I’m looking for a woman who’s soft and sweet, and who appreciates having a strong man around to take care of her.

I’m 32 years old and 6’5” tall. I have longish, wavy blond hair and green eyes. I like cooking for my date and spending time cuddling on the couch. My day starts really early, so once I get home at night I rarely go out again. I work long hours, risk my life on a regular basis, and deal mostly with human debris.

I like a night out at a good restaurant and keeping my woman close and safe. I open doors for ladies, scare disrespectful punks away with a single glare (I’ve been told my glare is kind of intense), and believe that all woman deserve to be loved and coddled.

My ideal woman is petite and softly attractive. I don’t expect physical perfection, but a kind heart and gentle disposition are critical. She doesn’t need to be able to cook but she’ll have to live with a lot of takeout and the three dishes I can cook if she doesn’t. I’m the king of take-out food and have just about every decent restaurant within a 20 block radius of my apartment on speed dial.

In the interests of full disclosure, my dad’s a US Senator, so occasionally I have to deal with the Secret Service hanging around. That sucks, but it just goes with the territory, I guess. So any woman I’m with has to deal with it too. I apologize for that in advance.

If you fit my needs and I fit yours, I’d love to meet you for coffee somewhere you’ll feel safe. Text me?


So…how do you think Blaise and Dolfe are gonna get along? LOL Exactly. And that’s what makes them so darn much fun!


hohohoneybun-200He just wants her to take life a little more seriously. She’s decided he could have a point. Especially now that somebody wants her dead.

Dolfe Honeybun broke up with Blaise Runa because her party girl ways were driving him to distraction. Unfortunately, out of sight does NOT mean out of mind. And when his favorite party girl sees something she shouldn’t and finds herself being chased by a cold blooded killer… reason shuts down and Dolfe’s heart takes over. If only he can get to her in time!



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USA Today Bestselling Author Sam Cheever writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

If you haven’t already connected, Sam would love it if you Liked/Followed her wherever you enjoy hanging out online. Here are her online haunts:

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Innocent Hostage – Powerful Romantic Suspense

Innocent Hostage is the latest novel from talented author Vonnie Hughes. A tense hostage situation sets the pace for this action-packed romantic suspense. Breck Marchant and his four-year old son, Kit, are caught in a frighteningly plausible situation that can happen to anyone in today’s world. Ingrid Rowland provides the calm presence that holds these three people together as they struggle to right their lives and survive.

Innocent Hostage is a compelling story with the right amount of twists and turns and red herrings that kept me enthralled and guessing to the last page.

Two years ago, Breck Marchant handed his son, Kit, over to his ex-wife, Tania, even though it tore him apart. She knows all about kids. Thanks to his own upbringing, he hasn’t a clue. But when the boy is held hostage, Breck steps up to the plate. Somehow he’ll make this father thing work and hold down his dangerous job at the same time even though the odds are against him.

Ingrid Rowland is Kit’s preschool teacher and she has known Tania for years. As far as she can tell, neither Tania nor Breck know the first thing about being parents. She fears for Kit’s future. When Breck turns to Ingrid for help with his son, she sees a different side of him. As Breck and Ingrid work to protect Kit and hold on to their careers, they begin to work together to fight off a puzzling series of vicious attacks. Then a startling revelation culminates in a murderous turn nobody sees coming.

Toeing the inside of each stair tread he climbed the stairs that led to the bedrooms. As he got near the top, he hesitated. More perfume, different from the smell of soap powder hung in the air. Tania’s perfume, strong and poignant. It was called Chloe. He ought to know. He’d bought enough of the stuff.

He stopped. Was she here? Had she been here? That stuff lingered for a long time. Their apartment had stunk of it for weeks after she’d left.

“Tania?” he whispered.

A disturbance in the air was his only warning. He ducked as something whizzed over the top of his head. Then he was shoved aside as a dark figure pushed past him. Breck clutched at the banisters, his feet shooting out from under him on the slippery carpet. Shit! Scrambling to his feet, he bounced down the last couple of stairs and chased the stocky figure careening down the hallway.

His quarry wrenched open the front door. Dusk had settled and it was almost dark outside. He managed to grab his attacker’s coat and began reeling in the interloper like a fish. But the man wriggled out of his plastic raincoat and fled towards a blue pick-up truck waiting at the curb. His balding head gleamed under the streetlights. Someone inside the vehicle leaned over and flung open the passenger door, revving the engine just as Breck aimed a solid punch at the back of the attacker’s neck. Reeling against the car door, the man half-collapsed on to the front seat of the truck, his legs hanging out the door. The driver floored the accelerator and the blue truck jerked out from the curb as if the driver was unfamiliar with the gears.

The Wild Rose PressAmazon

Vonnie Hughes is a multi-published author in both Regency books and contemporary suspense. She loves the intricacies of the social rules of the Regency period and the far-ranging consequences of the Napoleonic Code. And with suspense she has free rein to explore forensic matters and the strong convolutions of the human mind. Like many writers, some days she hates the whole process, but somehow she just cannot let it go.

Vonnie was born in New Zealand, but she and her husband now live happily in Australia. If you visit Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand be sure to stroll through the Japanese Garden. These is a bronze plaque engraved with a haiku describing the peacefulness of that environment. The poem was written by Vonnie.

All of Vonnie’s books are available on Musa Publishing, The Wild Rose Press, and Amazon.

Learn more about Vonnie Hughes on her website and blog. Stay connected on Facebook and Goodreads.

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