Thursday Tidbit – A Sexy Tidbit from Book 2 of My Apocalyptic Series

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Snippet from An Apocalyptic Need

In his dreams he’d tasted her sweet flesh, spread her luscious thighs, and kissed his way over the soft, rounded contours of her body. But each time, before he could plunge deep within her willing flesh, his traitorous body had surged awake.

Denying him over and over again.

Grimm turned his head and found her, a small rise along the floor beside her bed. Her long, blonde tresses glowed brightly, a brilliant star in the near dark. He’d already figured out how to open his cell door. But she was a light sleeper and he wasn’t sure he could get to her before she woke. The element of surprise was important. Or he’d find himself facing her oxygen blaster.

He knew from experience that seduction didn’t work as well when firepower was involved.

Coming in January, 2015 as part of the Captured box set!


Apocalyptic Dark Paranormal Series

Apocalyptic Dark Paranormal Series

You can get the previous book in this sexy series now for only $.99! Here’s what people are saying about Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic:

Booked Solid With Virginia C: “Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic is an involving adventure, a passionate love story, and a fascinating look into a fantasy-fueled future world.”

I Am, Indeed – 4 Moons: ” Engrossing and detailed with plenty of twists, this was a fun read with a solid love conquers all things message.”

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Sam’s Sunday Snippets – Eros Uncensored


He might have been high on Brimstone when he met her. But he wasn’t too drugged to recognize a good thing when she stuck a knife under his chin!

Hermes figured he had no future, so he gave up, wasting his days inhaling Brimstone in a Succubi House on Olympus. Cursed from birth, Nidras knew her future was sketchy at best. But the last thing she intended to do was give up. She thought she had to fight the curse alone, but she never counted on a drug muddled Cupid setting his sights on her and gumming up the works. Especially one as sexy and fun as Hermes. So what if he didn’t have the first clue how to protect himself in her dangerous world? It didn’t stop him from trying!


The tones of Bach’s Sonata da chiesa formed a lively backdrop for the gentle tinkle and scrape of silver against china and carefully muted conversation in the grand dining hall of Zeus’ castle.

Arion and Christian sat across the table from me, their heads together for much of the meal. They were lost in their own little world. Next to me was the goddess Aphrodite. She was a beautiful woman to be sure, with her thick, auburn hair, worn in long, gentle curls sliding like fine silk over her shoulders and dipping into the flawless, white vee of her cleavage. But her hungry gaze and pouting, cherry-colored lips were a bit much for me.

So far, just during the soup and cheese courses, I’d had to remove her hand from my thigh three times and once from my crotch. I was doing my best to ignore her constant attempts to catch my gaze, which meant I had my head turned away from her, toward the opposite end of the table.

That was the end where Zeus held court. It was always interesting to watch the body language around Zeus. The Court of Gods was never at a loss for intrigue and sizzling passion. Though Zeus had held his spot at the head of all the intrigue through millennia, it had been a rocky path at best.

Over the centuries, he’d been forced at times to rule through strength, force and sometimes even base brutality. But he was known as a fair and, when possible, even kind ruler.

That didn’t stop those beneath his rule from existing in a state of near constant jealousy and bitterness. Everybody thought he or she would make a better ruler.

Personally, knowing the whole lot of them much better than I cared to, I highly doubted that.

The cheese course was removed and a plate of fish was settled in front of me. I grimaced at the dish. In my opinion, there was only one thing worse than fish on a plate and that was fish on a plate that still had its eyes in its head.

Since I had no intention of eating the nasty stuff, I focused on Poseidon, across the table and just two gods up from Zeus. With his violent temper and atmosphere-altering outbursts, Poseidon was always good entertainment. Unfortunately for me, at the moment he was having a rather calm conversation with Adonis, but I was hopeful something would piss him off soon. The last time he’d gotten irritated at a dinner, there’d been a full-on rain storm inside the hall and the fish course had been returned to its natural element.

Looking down at the glassy eyed monster on my plate I couldn’t help feeling that would be a vast improvement. “Bring it.” I murmured hopefully.

Unfortunately, Aphrodite took my comment as verbal encouragement and grabbed my thigh again. Leaning close, she placed her cherry lips close to my ear. I jerked as her breath washed delicately over that ticklish organ. “I’ve been waiting all night for you to say that, Cupid. I must say, you’re the yummiest dish this party has served up yet.”

I fought a full-out eye roll. Fortunately the goddess and I were both distracted by a slight commotion at the door.

A man and a woman entered the room, arm in arm. The man was enormous, easily seven feet tall and broad shouldered, with arms that were as big around as my thighs and legs that spanned the width of my waist. He looked like a human king of old, wearing deep red velvet robes, trimmed in white fur, probably ermine, flecked with gold beads. His brow was wide and deeply lined, his jaw square. He wore a jewel-encrusted crown atop his long, mahogany colored hair.

The woman on his arm wore a skin-hugging velvet gown, its low, wide décolletage, sleeves and hem trimmed in ermine. The gown was simple and elegant and clung tightly to her perfect form.

Her face was a pale oval beneath glistening black hair and seemed vaguely familiar. When the couple moved into the room, after being greeted warmly by Zeus, I realized why.

A second couple came through the door behind them. A much younger couple. The man was tall, slender and blond, dwarfing the woman on his arm with his height. But nothing about him could possibly dwarf the woman’s presence.

Nidras fairly shone with power and purpose. Her small body was rigid with evidence of royal birth and training. But her eyes flashed with her force of will and her expression dared all who faced her to get in her way. The tension level in the room changed just from her appearance there.

The room filled immediately with murmurs as she swept it with her haughty gaze. I jumped to my feet when her gaze landed on me. But a slight shake of her head kept me from striding across the room.

“What in Hades is she doing here with him?” Aphrodite murmured into my ear. I realized then that she’d stood too. In fact the whole table had stood up when I did. I looked around the room in shock. Showing homage to a demon king and his family. What was that all about?

Zeus led the king and queen to a spot just down from where I sat. Nidras and her “date” took places on the opposite side of the table.

I glared at the man who’d been lucky enough to enter the room on her arm. He didn’t even notice.

Nidras pointedly avoided my gaze, focusing instead on her parents, the man beside her, and Zeus.

The only good thing that happened over the next few minutes was that the fish was taken away and replaced with a fine hunk of beef.

Unfortunately I’d lost my appetite.

Aphrodite didn’t seem to want her beef either. She appeared to be more interested in inserting her tongue into my ear.

Damn. I hated court dinners.  B&N  ARe  Smashwords


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My Sexy Saturday – Chasing Eros


The Chasing Eros box set includes three books featuring Cupids, the Gods of Love, and their struggle against their own weaknesses and magical interference to find love. Chasing Eros is set in a magical world that navigates between modern day Earth and golden Olympus–City of the Gods.

From Eros Unchecked:

Damian’s arms went around me and he pulled me up tight against his body. His hands slid beneath my flimsy nightgown and pressed me close, smoothing my back in gentle circles that made my skin warm and tingle with pleasure. Something long and hard pressed against my stomach.

He smelled of soap, sun, and salt air. His own personal musk. I found it extremely sexy and my knees weakened as it enveloped my senses. A wave of helpless lust swamped me and I whimpered against his lips. I slipped my fingers into his hair and pulled him more deeply into the kiss. I hadn’t asked him to kiss me, hadn’t expected it, but once he started I became desperate to keep it going.

Damian lowered his hands to my thighs. He slid them upward, toward my hips, carrying the hem of my nightgown up to bunch at my hips. The fingers of his other hand tugged against the lace of my panties and slipped underneath.

I groaned against his mouth as one long, thick finger slid inside me. His free hand covered my bottom and pulled me against his hard cock, visible through the thin denim of his jeans. He pressed his cock against my thigh, grinding it into me as his finger worked inside my body and his thumb rubbed my clitoris in firm circles.

Frantic with need, I consumed his lips. My hands slid out of his hair, down his back, and under the soft cotton of his shirt. His skin was smooth, hard with taut muscle, and impossibly hot under my fingers.

I pulled my lips from his and buried my face in his throat, sucking and nipping the throbbing vein while inhaling the warm, clean scent of him. I was quickly losing all control and didn’t care. I couldn’t remember ever being so hot for a man. So free of sexual inhibition. It would have scared me to death if my mind had been working. But my brain had shut down under sensual overload. Rational thought had been replaced with physical necessity.

And I was mostly okay with that.  B&N  ARe  Smashwords

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