When the Struggle for Independence Cuts Deep

The premise behind my latest fun paranormal mystery is a woman, in this case a Witch's Familiar, who wants to create her own path in life. She doesn't want to follow in her family's footsteps and tie herself to a Witch just because it's expected of her. She especially doesn't want to be compared to a grandmother who's extremely powerful, even referred to by some as the Queen of the Familiars, and her mother who isn't far behind. The two women have spent LeeAnn's (LA for short) lifetime “encouraging” her  to follow their lead and become an active part of the Familiar community.

LA just wants to be left alone to run a cat sanctuary.

An unfortunate side effect of her resistance is that she's built a wall between her and a lot of other Familiars in her effort to stand alone.

As kids we're encouraged to grow up and be something our parents find useful. As parents we're admonished not to live vicariously through our kids. We're all searching for independence on some level. It's part of what allows us to grow into adults and forge a path through this world. But sometimes our attempts to strike out on our own have dire consequences. As they did with poor LA. Fortunately, she had a group of people who were willing to lay their lives on the line to help her when the Familiar world turned dangerous.

Whether she wanted their help or not. #:0)

If LA's situation hits a nerve for you…or if you'd just like to find out how it all worked out for her…it might be fun to pick up your own copy of Familiar Territory. But only if you…you know…want to. Far be it from me to tell you how to live your life! LOL



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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Paranormal Mystery?

Independence is the most important thing to LA…but can she live with herself if her freedom ends up costing her family their lives?

She’d watched a friend succumb to the smothering control of another magical user. She’d made a promise to herself it would never happen to her. For centuries her family has worn the badge of Familiar proudly, serving a long line of powerful Witches and becoming as formidable as the ones they served. But LA doesn’t believe she needs a Familiar alliance to be strong.

Until people she cares about begin disappearing…turning up dead.

Until a powerful and handsome male Witch walks into her life and forges an inadvertent magic bond while trying to save her life.

Now she finds herself in exactly the position she never wanted. But she quickly realizes she can’t save her friends and family alone. So it comes down to losing her independence or watching everyone she cares about die.

Will LA find a way to keep her independence and still save the people she cares about most? Or will her burning need for freedom be the cause of their deaths?


“Look, whatever your name is…”

“Deggart Kincaide. My friends call me Deg.”

I gave him an assessing look just to make him uncomfortable. It was a flaw I had. When faced with someone who thought he might want to be my master, I showed him my hard ass b-eye-itch to convince him otherwise. The tendency might actually have something to do with the fact that at the ripe old age of twenty-nine I was already a crazy cat lady with split ends.

Unfortunately for me, my assessing look seriously backfired. My victim was six feet two inches of deliciousness, with dark brown hair that fell across his forehead in a messy fringe, wide, full lips and dark silver eyes.

I knew I was in trouble when I started to pant a little.


I frowned, slapping the hand away that had been waving in front of my face. “How do you know my name?”


Argh! I was going to reduce that demon to fur and nails the next time I saw him.

“Well, it’s been…erm…nice to meet you, Deggart, but I’m really busy.”

I grabbed the edge of the door and proceeded to shove it against him, trying to get him to leave. Turns out a door won’t close over a hundred and eighty pound man.

“That’s actually why I’m here. I want to help you find them.”

It appeared the demon had been very talkative. “Thank you, Deggart…”

“Please. Call me Deg. Save me from my mother’s ill conceived idea of a name.”

I twisted my lips to hide a grin. “Deg. Thanks for the offer. But I got this.”

“I’ve heard about your special skill.”

Biting back a hiss, I fought for a conversational tone. Though it was really hard to speak through gritted teeth. “My special skill?” If Brock had told him things he had no right telling him…

“This place. It’s a sanctuary, isn’t it? I commend you for your work. It’s about time somebody did it.”

I stared at him, trying to decide if he was yanking my chain. “Um.”

“Really. I spoke to an elderly calico yesterday…”

Yeah, those weren’t words you heard often. “You spoke to a cat?”

“I did.” He smiled. “We all have our special skills.”

I frowned. “So you just, what? Meow and hiss at them and stuff?”

He grinned and my stomach went, kerplunk. “It’s better than licking my butt to put them at ease.”


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