Bad Haircult — Flo and Agnes are BACK!


If you were a “mature” individual with a mighty fine bouff, would you consider shaving your head to solve a case of possible murder? That’s the million dollar question for Flo and Agnes as they find themselves neck deep in missing Satanists, scheming cultists, and a long string of seriously bad hair days. But what’s a sleuth to do when the queen of the night comes to them pleading…erm…threatening…ahhh…pleatening them for help? If you know Flo and Agnes you already know the answer to that question. They’re goin’ in!

“This novel needs a spew alert on the cover; drinking a beverage while reading is not recommended.”

“The suspense and humor keep the pages turning. I started reading this book the evening I received it and didn’t/couldn’t stop till the end in the late hours. Well worth it. Ready for book 4 !!!”

“OMG Ms. Cheever has done it again. She has written another hilarious book, in her unique style, involving the crazy antics of Flo, Agnes and their friends at the Silver Hills Senior and Singles Residence. I laughed until I had tears rolling and my sides hurt at this zany addition to the Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries series or as I like to call them, the Wacky Adventures of Flo, Agnes and the Gang! 2 Thumbs Up for a highly recommended suspenseful yet funny read!”

Flo pumped her arms and blew air out in a gust as she neared the top of the hill. She had a decidedly unladylike sheen on her face but she was starting to feel like she might actually survive the walk.

Unfortunately, not too far behind her, an exercise failure of epic proportions was happening. In fact, as she threw a look over her shoulder to make sure the sounds she was hearing weren’t actually from a buffalo giving birth to a rhinoceros, she realized the failure had already happened. She stopped and turned back to Agnes, hands on hips. Her friend was draped over the hood of somebody’s car, her round belly heaving and quivering as she tried to force air through her lungs. “Agnes Willard, you’re in terrible shape.”

Agnes didn’t lift her head, but if her neon red face was any indication, she was at the end of her endurance. “I don’t care what the stupid doctor says, I hate walking.”

TC hailed them from a couple blocks up and Flo waved her off, realizing the rest of the group would have to go on without them. “Your blood pressure is too high, Agnes. If you don’t want to stroke out you need to get in shape and bring it down.”

Agnes shoved off the car and bent forward, her skinny legs quivering as she panted for air. “That’s what they make drugs for, isn’t it? I’ll just take bigger pills.”

“Not a good plan, fool.” Flo frowned. She was actually worried about her friend’s health so when TC had suggested they join the thrice weekly walking group she’d jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, she hadn’t counted on her friend’s rabid resistance to the idea. “You lift weights and use the treadmill. I don’t understand why walking is such a chore for you.”

Agnes fixed a bloodshot eye on Flo, her graying brown pageboy sticking up around a wide hairband that was dark with sweat. “Lifting weights only requires muscles. I have those in abundance.” She patted her well-rounded behind as if presenting evidence of muscle. “But these here are fast twitch muscles. They’re for strength more than endurance.”

Flo eyed the “muscles” her friend indicated, one eyebrow creeping skyward with skepticism. “There’s definitely some twitching going on back there, but I’m not sure it’s muscle.”

Agnes blew out a breath and limped toward Flo. “What I’m trying to tell you is that I’m a sprinter rather than an endurance runner. I’m out of my league with this long, drawn-out walking stuff.”

Flo slid her gaze down the street to the Silver Hills Senior and Singles Residence, the other eyebrow creeping northward to join the first one. “You know we’ve only gone a block, right?”


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#SpringintoRomance – What are you Reading this Spring?

spring into romance 2017

Like most authors, I spend so much of my time in the business of writing that my reading time is precious and limited. So I’m kind of picky about what I read. If a book doesn’t catch my interest in the first couple of pages I’ll set it aside. Sometimes I’ll come back to it later and try again, but if the book is really not my cup of tea I might never go back. I read mostly mystery/suspense and paranormal romance. Within these genres, some series that have consistently pulled me in include:

JB Lynn’s Hitwoman Series

These are billed as mysteries but in my opinion they really aren’t. They’re tons of fun though. The main premise is that the heroine (whom I haven’t really decided if I like yet) is in a car accident with her sister and her sister’s family and as a result ends up the caregiver for her 3 year old niece and gains the ability to talk to animals.  The niece ends up in a coma and the heroine needs lots of money to keep her at the place where they can make her better, so she takes a job as a hitwoman, to kill a really bad guy. She subsequently forms a strange bond with the mobster who hired her and has a romantic relationship with the cop slash hitman who is her murder mentor. It’s kind of a weird premise and I’m strangely not overly fond of the main human characters, but the animals in the books make reading them worthwhile just on their own.

Liliana Hart’s Addison Holmes Mysteries

These books were clearly written in the Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum style. At times I feel like Janet was writing some of the dialogue. Having said that, though, the books are well-written, with some really great dialogue and likable characters. As far as the mystery part of the equation, there really isn’t any in most of the books. LOL But the heroine goes through the motions and eventually stumbles upon a bad guy and things find a fairly satisfactory ending.

Darynda Jones’s Charlie Davidson Paranormal Mystery Series

The Charlie Davidson paranormal mystery series has a lot of humor, a lot of action, and some pretty steamy romance. The characters are extremely likable and quirky. The premise is really out there, but Jones is a good enough author to pull it off. Charlie Davidson is a Private Investigator by trade, and a grim reaper by birth. Dead people view Charlie as an extremely bright light which they can see from all over the world. They can pass through Charlie to get to Heaven once their issues on Earth are finalized. When they can’t pass, Charlie will often help them get closure so they can pass. That’s one part of every book. Another feature of every story is the growing romance between Charlie and Son of Satan, Reyes…yeah, you read that right. And there are always a couple of other sidebar issues for Charlie to solve. The result is a book with lots of stuff going on, Charlie usually getting beaten up at some point, and some of the best secondary characters in the genre today. I highly recommend for lovers of paranormal mysteries.


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