Sam’s Sunday Snippet – Bits ‘n’ Bytes

This week’s snippet is a bit of a blast from the past. This story holds a special place in my heart, so I thought I’d share it again!

bitsandbytes_200x300Self proclaimed cougar, Bliss Drake has blue screened. Suffering from a broken heart and a dead computer, she finds herself standing in the middle of an electronics store nursing sweaty palms and lusty thoughts.

Tall, dark, and sexy, Brad Hoffman is a self-proclaimed nerd. When the beautiful black woman with a serious fear of computers starts talking about flinging herself into a display case at his favorite electronics store, he’s happy to offer his…erm…services.

Can a computer phobic beauty and a sexy nerd ever sync up? Only if they can cobble together the right bits ‘n bytes!


Five Siren Stones from Cia, Siren Book Reviews!

Bits ‘n’ Bytes melted my hard drive. Bliss tickled my funny bone. Her reaction to technology is the epitome of natural fear of the unknown. I fully expected her to keep her dinosaur running even though she had the perfect opportunity scoring the sexiest man alive.

Intelligent and sexy Brad had me drooling from the get go. Add in the fact that he built the perfect software and is a lover of dogs and I was hooked.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read.


Ignoring the handwritten number on the back, Bliss dialed his business number on the front of the card. She fully expected to get his voice mail.

Imagine her surprise when a deep, sexy voice answered. “Brad Hoffman.”

Bliss pulled the phone away from her ear, her heart pounding ridiculously in her chest. She reached a long finger toward the disconnect button and held it there, listening to him repeat his greeting when she didn’t respond.

Finally, she admitted to herself that she was being a total coward and put the phone back to her ear just in time to hear him ask, “Is this an obscene phone call? It’s pretty pathetic if it is. There isn’t even any heavy breathing.”

Bliss grinned. He was teasing her, the smile clearly evident in his voice. On an impulse, she gave him a couple of heavy breaths and he laughed. “Much better. Now tell me what you’re wearing.”

Bliss bit her bottom lip, unsure how far she should take the joke. Her palms were sweating and her pulse pounded in her veins. But what was even more surprising to her was the dampness flooding her panties as she thought of sexy things to tell him. Before she knew what she was doing, she’d opened her mouth and said, “I just got out of bed. I sleep in the nude.” Was that a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the line? “Is that a problem?”

Silence. And then, “That depends. Do you find you get sheet creases in strange places?”

Bliss burst out laughing. Some of the self-imposed tension left her body as he joined her in the laughter. “Not at all. I sleep on satin sheets.”

His laughter died and it was Bliss’ turn to gasp. She’d taken it a step further than she’d intended and gone full circle, creating a new level of tension. She gave him a laugh that she hoped erased the eminently sexual nature of her last statement and plunged ahead. “This is Bliss Drake, from Paramount Purchase?” When he didn’t immediately respond Bliss added, “You gave me your card?”

And they’d had coffee together. Good lord, was it possible he’d forgotten?

“Of course. How could I forget a beautiful damsel in distress. As I recall you were contemplating suicide by display case.”

Her lips twisted. “That’s me. Pathetic, eh?”

“Not at all. I found it very sexy.”

Laughing, Bliss shook her head. “You are a very strange man, Brad Hoffman.”

“So I’ve been told. Dare I hope you’re calling to ask me out on a date? Because if so, I’m free tonight.”

Bliss closed her eyes and dropped her head back. Shit! How was she going to ask him for a favor now? “Um…well…actually I wanted to hire you to help with my computer.”

“The infamous rectangular thing with a lid that runs on an electricity OS?”

“That would be the monster.”

“It died on you again?”

“Deader than a doornail…whatever the hell that means.”

Silence met this statement and Bliss found herself holding her breath. Finally he said, “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll work on your computer if you’ll bring it to my home.”

Bliss was shaking her head before he spoke the last word. She barely knew the man. And he was way too hard to resist! Her alarmed heart clenched in panic. “I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t even know you.”

“Oh. I see your point. I can give you references.”

Bliss chuckled. “Personal or professional references?”

“Professional. Being a consummate woman beater, drug user, and heavy drinker, I find the personal kind harder to come by.”

Bliss snorted. “That’s really too bad.”

“Yes, it is. But wait! If you give me a few hours I could probably beat a reference out of the elderly woman next door. I figure she has it coming. I’ve seen how she looks at me…”

Bliss was laughing so hard she could barely breathe. If nothing else he was very charming.

“I’ll cook you dinner.”

She hemmed and hawed for a few more minutes, with him promising her everything from homemade cheesecake to a soothing walk around his property. Finally, knowing deep down that it was a huge mistake, but unable to resist, Bliss agreed.

“Great! Is seven o’clock okay? I need time to beat the neighbor, shoot up some heroin, and chug a six pack…you know.”

“A reprobate’s work is never done.”

“Precisely.” He was silent for a beat. “I look forward to spending time with you, Bliss Drake.”

Warmth slid through her body and Bliss didn’t bother to try to squelch it. She hadn’t felt this good with a man for months. If she were totally honest with herself it might even be years. “Me too.” The admission felt curiously intimate. Jotting down directions to his home, Bliss said goodbye and hung up.

She panicked as soon as she laid the phone down on her desk. What had she done? A date? With the very dangerous Brad Hoffman? “Good lord!” she murmured. What would she wear?

Glancing at the clock, Bliss hurried into her bedroom and straight to her closet. She had three hours to pull herself together.

The way she was feeling at the moment, it wouldn’t be nearly enough time.

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My Sexy Saturday – Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic

Apocalyptic Dark Paranormal Series

Apocalyptic Dark Paranormal Series

Apart they are pain and death…apocalyptic. Together they are fire and magic…destiny.

He’s a warrior, a bounty hunter in a world turned upside down. She’s his latest bounty…a creature of dark power. As everything in their world implodes, they must work together to set it right, while the fire burning between them threatens to consume everything in its path.

5 Shooting Stars! Redz World Reviews: “…reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet with a post world war feel. Even the secondary characters were unforgettable… Tall, Dark and Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever will engage you on multiple levels; many you won’t even realize until long after you finish the tale.”


Yeira fought to hold her emotions in check as his lips and tongue performed a delicious invasion, teasing an unsettling amount of heat and responsiveness from her. She longed to step away…to run away…from the things he was doing to her body. Not just the building passion of the kiss they shared, but the warmth and tightness his touch was creating between her legs…the knot of need twisting inside her belly.

Worse, even as her mind told her she should get away from him, her traitorous body moved closer. Her breasts pressed against the broad planes of his chest, her nipples tender against the fabric of her shirt.

Her sexual core clenched under the building heat, her magic-entrapped hands fought to reach him. Not to push him away, but to drag him closer. Suddenly the energy binding her arms loosened and she fell forward, her hands twining in the cool lapels of his leather coat, twisting there to pull him near.

Their kiss deepened, hunger raging as tongues lashed and teeth clashed. A low sound of lust throbbed at the base of Yeira’s throat. She was horrified by the sound but unable to stop it from escaping in a deep moan.

The hunter responded by spreading his hand over her buttocks, pressing her closer, until she couldn’t ignore the huge, hard ridge beneath his leather battle pants. His heated breath fanned her face, his taste pure ambrosia on her tongue. She inhaled his addictive scent—a mix of clean sweat and leather—and her pussy pulsed with exquisite expectation.

She wanted him. Needed him.

She’d denied it to herself from the very beginning—ignored the way his presence pulled at her and the way his sexy gaze raked her with fire. They were enemies, opponents in an epic war, but when they shared the same space lust exploded between them, an impossible-to-resist attraction wrapping her in a fiery embrace.
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Cover Reveal – Wine Service by Zenobia Renquist


Title: Wine Service (Professional Courtesy 1)
Author: Zenobia Renquist
Publisher: Musa Publishing, Eros
Genre: Contemporary Erotica, BDSM, MF, MFM
More Info Link:


She offers satisfaction above and beyond what is requested.

Lexie’s job as a housekeeper at a five-star hotel doesn’t normally include the unique and risqué form of room service that important hotel guest Mr. Malena has requested, nor the generous tip he’s offered. Lexie can’t resist, and what should have been a one-time thing turns into an introduction into the sensual world of customer satisfaction. She finds much enjoyment in her “work,” but is it worth risking her job?


Story Tidbit:

In a story that features wine (or more specifically wine bottles) as one of the main plot points, I had to fit in a plug for Ice Wine (also spelled Eiswein). I was introduced to this lovely, sweet wine when I lived in California wine country. It is sweet—a dessert wine—and I love it. Because the wine is made from winter-frozen grapes, the batches are smaller and thus more expensive. Ice wine usually comes in a slim bottle that has a body not much bigger than the neck. That made it the perfect prop for Lexie.



She moved closer to him, placing her nipples near his undiminished erection. “Are you going to drink the wine now?”

“No. You are.” After uncorking the bottle, he tipped the bottle over his dick and poured enough to wet his length. “There you are.”

She stared as the wine trickled down his shaft and over his balls. “I can’t.” She swallowed with her lips pressed together to keep her tongue in her mouth. The urge to taste the wine and Mr. Malena’s dick with it urged her fingers faster, and she stroked her clit so she satisfied at least one need.

“Nonsense. A little wine at the end of your shift is the perfect way to wrap up your workday. I requested you this late knowing you would be drinking me today.” He poured a little more.

Before the wine could seep into the comforter, Lexie was there with her mouth open wide and her tongue curling under the bottom of his balls. She lapped at each one before dragging her tongue up and around his shaft in search of more of the sweet wine. It was sweet. Sweeter than she’d thought wine could be. No wonder Mr. Malena had called it a dessert wine.

He poured more to replace that which she’d licked off. She was happy to repeat her ball to crown cleaning a second time…a third time…a fourth. She hummed her pleasure as she enjoyed the throbbing member between her lips.

“All gone.”


Author Bio:

Zenobia Renquist is an Air Force brat turned Air Force wife. She and her husband are owned by two demanding cats of the long-haired persuasion. Born in Europe and currently stationed in Hawaii, Zenobia has been traveling all her life. “Where are you from?” is not a question she likes to be asked but will usually answer Virginia, because it’s the one place that feels like home.

Zenobia’s stories range from steamy to scorching and she writes whichever genre catches her interest at the time. When not coming up with ways to torture her characters, she enjoys knitting and crochet (both regular and Tunisian) as well as reading shoujo and yaoi manga.

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