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12 NEW Mysteries from a Dozen Bestselling Authors

Have a howlingly good read during the dog days of summer with a dozen cozy mysteries from Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon best-selling authors. Murder lurks in every corner during the dog days of summer. Solve the mystery as our snoops leash the criminals – at the beach, at the farm, on the mountain – everywhere!  All profits from this pack go to support NO KILL animal charities! Fetch it now! And help us help pets!

‘Summer Snoops and Cozy Crimes’ includes never before published books from:

** WSJ Bestselling Author Judith Lucci – Gawd Almighty & the Corn
** WSJ Bestselling Author Cindy Bell  –  Murder at Pawprint Creek
** WSJ Bestselling Author Colleen Mooney – Dog Gone and Dead
** USA Today and WSJ Bestselling Author Amy Vansant – Summer Teeth
** WSJ Bestselling Author Colleen Helme  –  A Midsummer Night's Murder
** WSJ Bestselling Author Kim Hunt Harris – The Murder of Bandera Bandito
** USA Today Bestselling Author Anna Celeste Burke – A Body on Fitzgerald's Bluff
** Ava Mallory – A Dream Stray-Cation
** Sandi Scott – Croquembouche Murder
** Susan Boles –  Death on the Beach
** USA Today Bestselling Author Sam Cheever – Toxic Tech
** Anne R. Tan – Just Lost and Found

Bonus recipes from the authors are included!

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When the Universe Gives Me a “Thing” – I Make Thingade


Yeah, this isn't me. I wish! LOL

It's weird how events in the universe really do have a way of bunching up, creating a “thing” where moments earlier there was nothing. My current “thing” is people telling me how to do my job as a writer better. I'm not talking about editors, they're supposed to tell me how to do my job better. #:0) I'm talking about people who haven't written over 50 books. Or even 1 book. Here are my thoughts on that.

Prior to becoming a full time writer, I spent a couple of decades in Corporate America, following orders and having little control over my work. One of the big reasons I worked so hard to step out on my own was so that I could be the master of my own fate. You should also know that I take the quality of my work and efforts extremely seriously. I'm a typical “Type A” personality and nobody is harder on me than me. LOL

I do listen to you when you tell me something bothers you. I really do. I care deeply what you think. My goal is to provide books that fill a need within us both. It's a lofty goal, one which I fail on a regular basis. Because the adage that you can't please everybody all the time is oh so true.

But in the end, my business is my business. I'm going to run it the way I see fit, based on years of practice, training, and experience. I'll definitely make mistakes. It's part of improving and growing. But I'll learn from those mistakes and hopefully do better in the future.

You might think I should do something one way, when my experience says it won't work the way you see it. That's cool. I'll listen, consider your suggestion, and then do what I think is right for me and my business. If you tell me there's a typo in my books I'll change it. Overused words? I'll go in and fix them. I want my books to be as good as they can be.

But if you want to send me emails berating me and flinging condescending demands my way, I'm probably going to just hit delete and remove you from my sphere. Because doing what I do every day is hard enough without dealing with negative, irrationally angry people.

That's just the way it has to be.

So be kind to your favorite author. We're not monsters because we missed a typo. We're not impostors because we ended a book in a way you didn't like. We're just people whose specialty is writing. We're trying our best to create books that touch something inside our readers.

If you cut us we bleed. If you insult us we either get hurt or angry (or both). And if you treat us as if we owe you something…well…we'll probably decide we don't need you in our lives.

And that would be a shame for both of us.



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Win a Copy of Vlad-Handing!

I just received the paperback copies of Vlad-Handing so I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway! I'll give a signed copy of the book to 2 lucky winners. What do you have to do to win? Just read the excerpt and comment below to be added to the drawing. I'll choose 2 winners on March 31st and announce them in the Group!

Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

Good luck!


Detective Peters climbed slowly out of his unmarked SUV and stood in the street, looking at the building with a frown on his face. He obviously thought he was in the wrong place.

Flo opened the front door and called out to him, motioning him inside.

His look of perplexity soon turned to one of disapproval. “Mrs. Bee. Why am I here?”

She looked around to make sure nobody noticed his arrival. “Hurry up, come inside.”

He narrowed his gaze but did as she asked. “Is TC here?”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because I can’t imagine any other reason you would have come to this…place.”

Flo shook her head. “That’s not important. We need to talk about Parks.”

But he wasn’t listening. He was staring at Agnes. “Why is she standing there with her hands out and her eyes closed?”

Flo rolled her eyes. “She says she’s meditating.”

“Standing up?”

“Don’t ask,” Flo told him. “Agnes! Will you join us please?”

Her friend opened one eye and gave the Detective a wary look. “I’m fine right here. I think I’ve come to grips with the germs in this two square foot area.”

Peters chuckled, earning himself a glare from the germaphobe. “Oh. You’re not joking.”

“Look around, Detective. Do you think I’m joking?”

“Whatever.” He dismissed Agnes, focusing on Flo. “If you have an idea where Trisha is, tell me now. We’re wasting time. I can’t shake the feeling she’s in trouble.”

“I already told you. Parks has her.”

“Mrs. Bee, we’ve been over this…”

“And you refuse to see what this man is capable of. I’ve seen, Detective. More than once. You have to trust me. TC’s life may depend on it.”

He sighed. “Okay, tell me what happened.”

Flo filled him in on her encounter with Buddy Parks at the diner.

Peters looked very unhappy when she was finished. “Did anyone else hear him threaten you?”

“No. He’s too smart for that.” Frustration made her frown. She knew Peters thought her feelings about Parks were coloring her opinion and she was afraid he’d dismiss her concerns because of it.

She was right. Peters shook his head. “I can’t confront the man based only on your word, Flo. I’m sorry.”

Flo fought tears. “You’ll be very sorry if TC gets hurt because you’re just too dang stubborn to listen.”

He looked at the floor, his face flushed and his jaw tight. He was obviously angry at her. But he was also worried. And Flo hoped that would be enough to make him see reason.

“I’m not asking you to arrest Parks. Just stop by his home or place of business and see what you can see.”

“If he does have TC he’ll just lie about it,” Peters told her, looking miserable.

“Use your instincts, Detective. You have very good ones.”

He expelled air. “I guess it’s worth a try.” When he caught Flo’s eye again his gaze was taut with fear. “TC’s in trouble and I feel helpless.”

She patted his arm. “Don’t worry. I have a feeling this will all end tonight.”

“Mrs. Bee, whatever you’re planning you need to give it up. You’re not equipped to deal with a murderer. Leave that to the police.”

Flo shrugged. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Agnes and I are just staying here while our apartments are fumigated.”

He glanced toward Agnes and her friend quickly closed her eye. “Om,” she chanted, her eyes squinched shut.

“I got your om,” Peters muttered. He stopped at the door. “I mean it, Flo. Go home and give this up. The last thing TC would want is for you two to get hurt because of her.”



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