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Love…All things Fairy Tale? We’re celebrating them in all their forms…originals, adaptations, twists and retellings. Sweet or steamy or a little bit twisted! Hop through all the blogs for giveaways at each stop! And don’t forget to enter for the $100 Amazon gift card grand prize drawing too!





Book 7: Honeybun Heat Romantic Suspense Series

Nothing says romance like a large family of sexy brothers. #:0) Eight sexy brothers to be precise. The Honeybun brothers just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Suspense and romance follow them around wherever they go, but with a built-in network of family and professional expertise the Honeybun men have a special kind of mojo their women need.

I love romantic suspense. Like mystery, suspense is a thinking woman’s sport. You can’t just sit back and let the words flow over you when reading a mystery or a suspense novel, you have to be an active participant. With a mystery, you need to keep your eyes out for clues that will help you discover the villain before the author reveals him to you. With well written suspense, you’re on the edge of your seat, palms sweaty, and there’s no way you can relax into the pillows and just let it happen. You’re driving toward that conclusion with the author…eyes peeled for the villain…pulse pounding with fear and excitement. It doesn’t get much better than that in the world of fiction. Unless of course you’re, you know, wanting to relax. Then I’m afraid you’re gonna be disappointed. LOL

Books of the Honeybun Heat Series:

Book 1. A Honeybun and Coffee: RT Magazine gave A Honeybun and Coffee 4 Stars! “…the adrenaline shot of the Honeybun brothers will definitely catch the attention of every romance reader out there. The first in the Honeybun Hunks series is a goodie. You will want one of these Honeybuns with your morning coffee!”

Book 2. Life, Liberty & Pursuit of a Honeybun: Five Stars from The Romance Studio! “I thoroughly enjoyed this witty, romantic, electrifying read. The pace of this book was fantastic and the adventure grabbed my attention from the start. I’d love to see what else this eclectic family can get up to. Wow but those Honeybuns are fine specimens, where can I find one for myself? I will definitely be adding this author to my must-read list.”

Book 3. Fast Track to a Honeybun: 5 star review from Got Romance Reviews! “I cannot say how much I loved this book! The Honeybun men have a reserved spot in my heart. After reading the last adventure I never thought Sam Cheever could outdo it but she definitely has. This was a fast and fun, thrilling, adventurous read. The story has everything you could want all in one place , adventure and romance, comedy and seriousness, thugs and gentlemen, fast cars and sexy racers.”

Book 4. A Honeybun in Hell Recommended Read from ARe! “Author Sam Cheever doesn’t do boring. Sam Cheever doesn’t do ordinary and A Honeybun in Hell is definitely extraordinary with its paranormal elements. A Honeybun in Hell has an innovative plot and the twists and turns take you on an adventure that teases and pleases from beginning to end. A Honeybun novel is a guaranteed fun read and this latest installation, A Honeybun in Hell delivers several twists and very entertaining turns.” Cafe!

Book 5. Honeybun in a Loin Cloth: “Sam Cheever writes an excellent mystery novel. The twists and turns in the story keep the reader on their toes. The characters are creative and offer up a bounty of hunky men and women for the reader to immerse themselves in.” CoffeeTime Romance

Book 6. Honeybun at a Dude Ranch: 5 Stars and a Reviewer Top Pick at Romance Reviews!  “HONEYBUN AT A DUDE RANCH is extremely hilarious, romantic and well written; this is truly one of my favorite reads. It’s something that I wouldn’t mind reading over and over again. Page-turning and unputdownable! ”

Book 7. Honeybun on the Run: 5 Stars Zarelle Shaw, Reviews! “I loved every single page of it. Honeybun on the Run is an action-packed, edge of your seat romance and it’s just what I’ve come to expect from Sam Cheever and her Honeybun hunks. This story is full of twists and turns, and just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize that you’re merely scratching the surface.”

Book 8. Honeybun, One and Done – May, 2015!


Comment below to tell me what you love best about Romantic Suspense fiction for a chance to win your choice of my Honeybun Heat books! Don’t forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you win!

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Thursday Tidbit – We Live and Die Together

I’m currently enthralled by the sci fi series Defiance. Have you watched it? I can’t help identifying with the young alien teen Irisa, who observes the world with her bored, no-nonsense filter firmly in place. Irisa doesn’t suffer fools easily, in fact, her favorite term of endearment for her adopted father, Nolan is, “you’re stupid.” LOL

Of course he’s not stupid, but he’s a man with a firm sense of right and wrong, something we don’t have nearly enough of today, and a hero in the true sense of the word, risking himself to help those he cares about. Irisa secretly shares his values, but she loves him too much and fears losing him so she’s always trying to get him to walk away.

But, when it’s all said and done, Irisa’s “I don’t really give a shtaka” attitude doesn’t keep her from jumping into the fray with her dad. Their motto is we live and die together.

Simple but oh so powerful.

I started watching Defiance because I’m working on a post-apocalyptic story and was in the mood for that type of entertainment. I never suspected I’d find a diamond under the pancake makeup and silly alien terms. The show covers all of today’s hot buttons in a very satisfactory, non-preachy way. Politics, religion, bullying, power and wealth, treatment of women, and cultural differences have all played a part in a series with extremely likable (as well as unlikable) characters of literally all shapes, sizes and colors.

It’s rare that the media elite give us something that improves our lives rather than cheapening them. However, they accidentally stumbled into something with Defiance. 

I heartily recommend it!

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Fairy Tale Magic Hop – Doing the Baba Yaga

fairy tale hop


Love…All things Fairy Tale? We’re celebrating them in all their forms…originals, adaptations, twists and retellings. Sweet or steamy or a little bit twisted! Hop through all the blogs for giveaways at each stop! And don’t forget to enter for the $100 Amazon gift card grand prize drawing too!




Doing the Baba Yaga – Because A thousand years without love can make a witch do the strangest things!

When I decided to write an adult fairy tale, I started searching for one that hasn’t been done a hundred times. I came upon the legend of Baba Yaga. In this Russian-based tale, an ugly crone lives alone in a cabin that walks around the forest on chicken legs. According to the legend, the Baba Yaga can give boons to people who request her help, but each boon costs her something. What a fascinating idea. Take a creature who wasn’t necessarily eager to help others, but who has the ability to help everyone if she should choose to, and put her into a walking cabin in the woods. Apart and alone.

That’s the premise I started with in my tale, Doing the Baba Yaga. The witch in the cabin has been alone for thousands of years, carefully protecting herself by handing out boons to only a select few. But Baba has decided that being alone and loveless is no longer something she wants to do. So she sets out to find love. Unfortunately, her ability to grant boons makes her the perfect target for unscrupulous lovers, who want much more from her than her heart. So poor Baba Yaga has to get creative in her search. Because she’s decided that life isn’t worth living if she doesn’t have someone to share it with.


A thousand years without love can make a witch do the strangest things!

Elan Gibbs needs to save the woman he loves from servitude to a witch named Baba Yaga. Lisbeth needs to prove that Elan Gibbs loves her before she’ll give her heart away to him. But a price has to be paid for their needs. And it seems that Elan will be the one to pay it. Can his love for Lisbeth withstand the payment? Or will he fall under the spell of a sexy witch, who only wants true love to warm her endless life?  

“Forever Wicked: Doing the Baba Yaga is a magical, fun, quick read!” ~Fallen Angel Reviews   


Comment to this post with your favorite fairy tale and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card at Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Make sure you leave an email address, or your entry will be void. 

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