Howloween Blog Hop – Sangui: Alphas of the Blood

Halloween embodies magic, delicious anticipation, and heart-pounding fear. By coincidence, so does paranormal romance! Maybe that’s why the two seem to go together like Oreo cookies and icy cold milk. Yum!

Many of the ingredients that make a great paranormal romance also make this special holiday season so much fun. An exciting mythical world that takes you happily out of reality, heightened senses, the promise of danger, the thrill of conquering obstacles…of beating the unbeatable, the chocolate. Erm, okay, most romance doesn’t include chocolate. But a good author will find a way to weave that into the plot too! LOL

I love Halloween and, every year I’m inspired to try capturing its spirit on the pages of a new paranormal story. This year’s effort is entitled Sangui: Alphas of the Blood. Here’s a little taste. I hope you enjoy it!

He’s an elite vampire from a distant planet…an Alpha of the Blood. But he’s no match for one spunky and opinionated Earth woman!SanguiAlphasofBlood

The woman beneath him whimpered, baring her throat in instinctive submission. Even as she succumbed, her brown eyes snapped open and she snarled, showing elongated canines in challenge.

She challenges an Alpha! Such a female!

Zee’s alpha roared in response. He wrapped a hand around the flawless column of her throat and dropped his head, licking the place where life-giving blood pulsed through her veins. Her sweet scent throbbed away from her with every beat of her heart, drugging him with lust. Zee’s fangs ached with the need to sink deep within the velvet skin and pull the warm nectar of her blood into his mouth.


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Comment below and tell me which Holiday fiction you like best. Do you love reading stories that put you in the mood for Halloween? Thanksgiving? Hanukkah? Christmas? New Years?  Other? And explain why! I’ll select a winner from the comments and award a copy of my brand new paranormal, Sangui: Alphas of the Blood after the hop closes. Good luck!

Now let’s return to the HOP!


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Sam’s Sunday Snippets – Apocalyptic Mojo is Available Now!



He was a man who liked complete control. She was a woman who would never give it.

The Epoch Mages and the Sorceri Bounty Hunters are ALWAYS on opposite sides of any issue. They H-A-T-E each other. But when a rogue witch decides to take over the world using flesh-eating zombies, Ardith and Draigh have to work together to stop her. And though they’ve twisted themselves inside out trying to deny their blistering desire for each other, they soon learn they’ll need to work together to accomplish what many before them have failed to do. Yep, it’s all gonna be downhill from there! Not.

~ 5 Stars from My Cozie Corner Book Reviews “A hard to put down novel that will capitvate you from the beginning.”


The stench hit her first. The worst of it was the smell of unwashed bodies, sickness and stale booze. The next layer of reek was comprised of cheap, overpowering perfume, probably meant to disguise the smell of unwashed bodies, and the distinctive tang of unbridled sex.

All around her bodies swayed, pressed and inserted tab A into slot B…or vice versa. In a few cases only tabs were involved, in one, only slots.

Any way you put the parts together, however, it was a very uncomfortable place for a woman with a mission to be.

Ardith forced herself to move, searching the murky space for the rogue witch.

A hard body thumped into her from behind and two grubby hands climbed up her torso, painfully grasping her breasts. Ardith lifted an arm and slammed her elbow backward, feeling the satisfying crunch of the man’s nose against her skin.

Another hand slipped up her leather skirt and Ardith gasped. She reacted before thinking, sending witch fire into the man’s forehead. He flew through the air and slammed into another couple, inspiring the man from the couple to start pummeling the already unconscious intruder.

Someone roared. Someone else shrieked. Ardith’s action was a flame to dynamite. The room ran through its short fuse in about three seconds and all hell broke loose. The music dropped away under the resulting melee. A table whizzed toward her head and Ardith had to dive to the floor to avoid it.

Before she could climb to her feet, a heavy weight landed on her, smashing her back to the floor. The stench of filthy flesh overwhelmed her and she choked, retching. Ardith scrabbled out from under the man who’d landed on her and kept crawling, seeing an opening among the surging feet and flying fists, to get to a door at the back of the room.

Maybe Edwige would be there. If not, at least Ardith could regroup and figure out how to get out of the nasty club without being bludgeoned by horny ambrosiacs. She crawled to the bottom of the set of stairs leading to the exit and jumped to her feet, leaping out of the way as another table flew past.

She hit a broad, hard chest covered in leather. A delicious, clean male scent cut through the putrid air of the bar and, before she realized it she’d inhaled, delighting in the aroma. Her body tightened with pleasure. She lifted her gaze and her lungs clenched.

“It seems you’ve found others of your kind to play with, witch.”

Now available on Kindle Unlimited!


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Sam’s Sunday Snippets – Apocalyptic Mojo

Formerly Hexually Obsessed…

She strode right up to the victim’s door and pounded. Draigh waited a few feet back, his gaze sweeping the area for signs of Edwige’s own special type of trouble. The witch pounded on the door again and received no response.

She glanced at Draigh. “Looks like we’ll have to do this the hard way.” Magic thickened on the air and Draigh swore. “Let me try…”

Ardith sent a focused beam of magic into the door handle and the door swung open. She turned to give Draigh a smug smile, not noticing as a large hand appeared from inside the house and wrapped around the edge of the door. Draigh called out a warning and she started to turn.

The door slammed outward, sending her sprawling.

Before he knew what he was doing, Draigh had thrown himself over the witch and covered her to the ground.

She landed beneath him with an umph and started pelting his chest with her small fists. “Get off me, oaf.”

Pain pierced his calf as her damn familiar clamped his massive jaws around Draigh’s leg and gave it a warning squeeze, a low growl rumbling in his chest.

The stench of sour, old death assailed his nostrils. Draigh squinted through the shadows beyond the door and saw movement. “Stop it, witch! Call off your dog. We have company.”

He tried to grab her wrists but she was too agitated. Fighting the urge to smack her unconscious, Draigh screamed into her face, “Stop fighting me. Edwige’s pets are about to descend on us.”

Fortunately her dog was smarter than she. He released Draigh and stood with teeth bared, snarling at the shadowed entrance.

She stopped pounding on him and peered around his shoulder just as the first pale half-rotted face appeared in the doorway. “Well why didn’t you say so?” The first blast of her magic nearly took his ear off and left a whistling tone in his head.

He rolled off her. “Damn it, woman.”

She leapt to her feet and sent another blast into the conglomeration of mucus and bone marching stiffly toward them. The zombie’s bloodied, jagged teeth were bared in a warning hiss. When her magic hit, the thing surged backward, a huge chunk of its chest sloughing away under the force of her witch fire.

The zombie bounced into the pale-faced monster at its back and started forward again. Sirius leapt on the next monster, carrying it to the ground and very efficiently removing its head with a single jerk of his massive jaws at its throat. Blood and goo sprayed upward but Sirius was already gone, having flung himself onto the next zombie coming through the door.

Draigh pulled one of his knives and leapt on the lumbering monster nearest him, slicing the knife cleanly through its spongy neck with one swipe. Putrid-smelling green slime sprayed in an arc from the blade of his knife, saturating Draigh’s face and arms. The head dropped to the ground and rolled away, and the body sank slowly to the earth.

When Draigh looked toward the door again, he was facing a small army of the mangy creatures, though Sirius had left a trail of carnage in his wake. Ardith stood beside him, her eyes flashing and her fists fizzling with unshed magic.

He glanced at her. “I hate zombies.”

She gave him a slow smile. “You wanted exercise. I think you’re gonna get it.”

Then she leapt into the fray, witch fire flying, and Draigh reluctantly followed her in.

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