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Ebook ISBN: 9781419932250
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Self proclaimed cougar, Bliss Drake has blue screened. Suffering from a broken heart and a dead computer, she finds herself standing in the middle of an electronics store nursing sweaty palms and lusty thoughts. 

Tall, dark, and sexy, Brad Hoffman is a self-proclaimed nerd. When the beautiful black woman with a serious fear of computers starts talking about flinging herself into a display case at his favorite electronics store, he’s happy to offer his…erm…services.

Can a computer phobic beauty and a sexy nerd ever sync up? Only if they can cobble together the right bits ‘n bytes!

Five Siren Stones from Cia, Siren Book Reviews!

"Bits ‘n’ Bytes melted my hard drive. Bliss tickled my funny bone. Her reaction to technology is the epitome of natural fear of the unknown. I fully expected her to keep her dinosaur running even though she had the perfect opportunity scoring the sexiest man alive.

Intelligent and sexy Brad had me drooling from the get go. Add in the fact that he built the perfect software and is a lover of dogs and I was hooked.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read."

Four Stars from Pauline, Night Owl Reviews!

"Sam Cheever delivers a fantastic modern day love story in this sweet and steamy offering. The witty banter and the comfortable rapport between the hero and heroine had me feeling that they belonged together."

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"Sam Cheever made me laugh more than a few times while I read about the couple’s first date. It was the most delightfully unexpected debacle I’ve seen in a while."

4 Nymphs, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only



Bliss Drake stood in the center of the massive store, filled with torture devices for normal people who didn’t understand computers and the rectangular, plastic creatures that tormented them. Her pulse raced and her head was pounding.

How the hell was she gonna figure out which box of bits and bytes she needed to fix her problem when she had no idea what her problem was?

“Can I help you, Miss?”

Bliss turned to find an extremely tall, very good looking young man looking at her. He had thick, dark hair, cut military short. bright green eyes, and a square chin with a dimple in it that made her mouth water.

Sensual awareness jolted through her, causing a twinge between her thighs that she recognized all too well.

Booty call.

She couldn’t believe she was even thinking of sex in that house of horrors. Doing an internal head shake, she smiled. “Oh thank god! Yes!” His bright, green eyes sparkled from behind wire-rimmed glasses as she threw herself at him and enveloped him in an impetuous hug.

“I was just about to fling myself through one of these glass cases and end my misery.”

He laughed, the sound rolling over her like warm water and leaving behind a soft flush of pleasure on her skin. If Bliss had been seriously considering ending it all via display case that laugh would have probably talked her out of it. “Let’s see if we can get you fixed up so you don’t need to break any glass and put holes in that pretty skin of yours, shall we?”

“That sounds good. I have plans for the weekend anyway, so self-mutilation is probably not a good idea.”

Some of the laughter left his sexy eyes. “Big date?”

Bliss shook her head, “Just going to Southern Indiana to do some antique shopping. I feel the need to get away.”

“All by yourself?”

Bliss’ smile was wry. “Trust me, in the mood I’m in that’s the best way to be right now.”

He tilted his head, “Feeling stressed and depressed?”

Bliss laughed for the first time in days. When his smile widened the effects went straight south, her panties dampened and her body gave a familiar little twang, recognizing him as a potential mate. It was a feeling she’d learned to respect. “Something like that.”

He stared at her for a moment longer, but when she didn’t elaborate he nodded. “Well, at least I can help you with your software woes. What problem are we trying to solve?”

Bliss groaned. “My thingy stopped working and I can’t up my load.”

He rolled his lips. “That sounds serious. Have you called a doctor?”

She snorted. “Har! No really, I need to be able to access my email and get to my chat groups…this is seriously dire!”

Strong, white teeth came out to nibble on a sexy lower lip as he tried hard not to laugh at her. “Chat groups, eh. Maybe we should notify the Federal Communications Commission.”

Bliss didn’t laugh. “If that’s what it takes.”

“Hmmm, I see this is serious. Okay, tell me what kind of computer you have.”

“Well, it’s rectangular and black.”

The tall, attractive salesman gave up trying to hide his ever-ready smile. “That certainly narrows it down. I assume this bad boy has a lid versus standing upright on the floor.”

“That is correct.”

He nodded, placing a hand on her shoulder to lead her toward a shelf a few aisles away. “We’re narrowing in on it. Another five, maybe ten years and I should be able to ID the problem.”

Bliss gave him a frustrated sigh. “I don’t know squat about these things. I’m a victim of my generation, we didn’t grow up on bits and bytes you know.”

“Okay, Gramma Moses…”

Bliss cocked an eyebrow at him.

“…what type of operating system does this rectangular black monster with a lid run under?”


It was his turn to sigh. “This might take longer than I first suspected.”

“Good thing you get paid by the hour.”

He laughed. “I wish. If I did I’d be a millionaire.”

“Wait! You don’t work here?”

“No. Though on really bad days I’ve definitely considered it.”

Bliss stopped in her tracks and placed a hand on his forearm, halting him. “Oh my god! I’m sorry! I just thought…well you look…” She bit her lip, realizing there was nowhere to go with that thought which wouldn’t get her into real trouble. What was she gonna say in her own defense. I’m sorry but you looked like one of the store nerds.

Trouble was, he didn’t. Not at all. Yes he wore wire-rimmed glasses and looked really competent and smart. But he was about as far from a nerd as a guy could get. He was sexy and exuded a rampant masculinity. And behind the cute little wire-rims was a pair of smoldering, bedroom eyes.

Bliss’ body gave that little twang of recognition again as she checked him out. This guy was definitely not her type. A determined and self-proclaimed Cougar at the ripe and sexy age of forty-five, Bliss generally liked her men in their twenties. The hottie standing before her looked like he was in his early to mid-thirties. He was too old for her. At least that’s what she kept telling herself.

However, her mind might be telling her she wasn’t attracted to him, but her body definitely had different ideas. Her nipples had tightened, giving an unmistakable visible clue to the feelings thrumming warmly through her body at his nearness.


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