Beset & Bewildered

Series: Bedeviled & Beyond, book 8
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-68419-371-4
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

She's trying hard to be virtuous, but the dark side keeps nuzzling her. And the nuzzling feels sooooo good!

I used to be someone who was in control of her life. I was an adult. Responsible and mature. But then I took over the Angel Network, my sister’s demon quashing business, and my life just went to hell…literally!

Part of the problem is, of course, my new partner, Slayer. He’s cocky and opinionated and just so…male. Forget that when he’s nearby my body just about melts with desire. Forget that it’s nearly impossible for us to work together. Forget that dealing with dark worlders on a daily basis is death to my better nature. I just want to prove to Astra that I can run her business as well or even better than she did.

But I can’t catch a break.

What are the chances that one of my first clients would be the Queen of the Hellhounds and that she would drag me to Hell, get me entangled with my dangerously unstable ex-boyfriend, or set me on a path that would nearly kill me a hundred ways to Sunday?

There have to be easier ways to make a living than this.


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"The Queen of the Hell Hounds wanted to hire the Angel Network, Dharma and Slayers business, because her hounds are being hurt. The one that has them will only deal with Dharma. Dharma and her companions have to fight their way through the many layers of Hell, going down to the ice level and the Necromancer and then make it back out. Don't be surprised when, after you've read the book, you catch yourself saying to someone you know, "I just finished this really good book and there was this one part where...."


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Bedeviled and Beyond
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Martian philosopher, Akade Cchhairpt Bleurpt once said, “Never stretch your neck out unless you want your head chopped off.” I think he had a point. Especially as I found myself hiding behind an eight inch wide metal support beam, ducking sizzling hot power arrows in support of my business partner, Slayer. I realized in that moment that my metaphorical neck was sticking out like my sister Astra’s curly auburn hair on a humid day.

I mean waaaaaaayyyyyy out there.


I sighed as Slayer’s sexy voice skittered through my nervous system. What?

You said you were gonna vanquish this super demon twenty minutes ago. What’s the hold up?

I reached for calm, utilizing my inside voice to purr a response. Are you kidding me? Have you seen this thing? He’s the size of a very large air vehicle and has horns! Horns, Slayer! When was the last time we saw a super demon with horns? The thing’s like a cockroach. I’ve thrown everything I have at him and he just keeps coming. I can’t believe you’re giving me grief right now!

Okay, so maybe I didn’t purr so much as growl.

Take a breath, beautiful. You know I’d help if I wasn’t totally pinned underneath this concrete wall.

Wasn’t it just like a man to make excuses for why he couldn’t perform? Whoa, girl. I didn’t mean that the way it sounded in my mind. Even to me it sounded like I was talking about S-E-X. I wasn’t. I was pretty sure Slayer could perform in that area. At least he told me he could. He’d never engaged that particular performance with me.

The beam I’d been hiding behind leapt off the ground on the end of a thick vein of energy and slammed into me, knocking all the air from my lungs. As the beam and I became airborne, my arms and legs wrapped around the thing like a stripper on a pole, I flew backward until I crashed into a wall. The impact sent concrete chunks flying in all directions. I tucked my head, still trying to suck air, and barely avoided being clocked on the head by a chunk of the stuff that was as big as my hand.

I’m thinking maybe we should call your sister.

Good lord in Heaven, the man certainly knew how to drive a nail right into my last nerve. I’ll kill you myself if you so much as think her name.

Don’t get your granny panties in a twist…

I don’t need Astra to fix this. I’ve got this, Slayer. I’ve told you a hundred times. Why don’t you believe me?

Um… Because I have a wall sitting on my chest?

Shut up. I’m working on it.


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