Bedeviled & Beleaguered

Series: Bedeviled & Beyond, book 3
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-943845-49-1
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications


"This is one of those series filled with all the good things I want in fiction. I can't imagine ever getting tired of books like these where the characters and dialogue make the action come alive for the reader!"
~ The Romance Studio

As a poisonous magic veil descends over Earth, turning humans into mindless killers and threatening another Great War between the magic and non-magic populations, Astra and the devilish Dialle must find a way to save humankind and defeat Satan himself. With madness rolling over everyone in waves and the guardian angels succumbing to a rare disease called Devil’s Plague, Astra finds herself walking a thin line between dark and light to vanquish the coming evil. Through it all, Astra and Dialle are still trying to forge a relationship together, despite the fact that they might be, once again, on opposite sides of the coming battle. Could it all be more than Astra Q Phelps can handle? There’s only one way to find out!

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Bedeviled and Beyond
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