Bedeviled & Beguiled

Series: Bedeviled & Beyond, book 1
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-943843-83-1
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

She’s on the side of good in the war between good and evil, but there’s this one bad guy…

Astra Q Phelps is on the side of the good guys in the war between good and evil. Unfortunately for her, the bad guys have been making inroads on her soul. And when a particularly dark and sexy dark worlder fixes his heated gaze on Astra, the lighter side of her nature quickly finds itself kicked to the curb by her slut-monkey side. But Astra doesn't have time to deal with her love life. She's in the middle of a war between two dark factions...a war that just might mean the end of the human population...and it seems the fate of the world rests uneasily on her shoulders. It's a lot of pressure to put on one feisty halfling...but Astra Q Phelps is definitely...erm...certainly...ahh...possibly up to the challenge.  


5.0 out of 5 stars Read It. Yep must have!, September 10, 2015

Pretty sure I might have a book crush on Astra Q Phelps thanks to Sam Cheever's flawless writing. What is a girl to do when she is stuck between a rock and a hard place? Dive in head first lol! With a wacky love life to the very species that she is supposed to knock off this fun book will keep you guessing or laughing which both are good in an amazing book. Sam delivers yet again with a new favorite being added to my list. I have never seen demons like these and can't wait to read more like it. This is a must read! Fruitcake really? haha you will know what I mean soon enough!


By sydney on September 9, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
OMG What a great funny read that had me laughing through most of the book, gotta love a book that does that! Astra Q Phelps is a halfling that gets rid of devils and demons for a living, oh and her partner is a demon himself. When a sexy royal demon gets in her head and she gets pulled into the fight between 2 royal demon families with the angels also making her a part of it the fun really begins.

From Astra using frunkin to how she uses sarcastic humor to deal with the sexy devil even when you think you couldn't laugh because of what's going on you sometimes just have to let out a giggle. I don't normally quote books but this is way too funny to not give a glimpse of what's in store."Oh yea, I was really in it up to my armpits. I was in deep in the poo poo dungeon. I was swimming with the turd sharks in an ocean made of pee." OMG just typing that had me cracking up.

A must read for those who enjoy paranormal. It has it all strong characters, romance of a sorts, adventure, fighting, good vs bad and humor. Highly recommend this!! I received this in exchange for a honest review.


5.0 out of 5 stars It's official...Halflings have more fun than us., September 9, 2015

WOW! I really love where this series is going. I've read quite a bit of Sam Cheever books and while this one was gifted in exchange for a honest review I have to say this one very well could be my favorite.

This book is just fantastic all the way around. You have angels, demons, and halflings and even some really nasty gargoyles. Plus who knew fruit cake was created by demons lol. Thank goodness it wasn't popcorn.

Astra is a great leading female character who is a halfing. Turns out she's more than she seems and learns quite more about her powers. Dialle is just a great character you want to kinda throw fruit cake at times.

Then the cover is just gorgeous on this one. I'm really looking forward to the next one. While technically it doesn't end on a cliffhanger there's still so much more to be told I imagine.

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