Bayou Bubba

Kindle Worlds: Miss Fortune Series
Series: Miss Chance Meets Miss Fortune Series, Book 1
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

Where Miss Fortune meets Miss Chance

Miss Felicity Chance’s father is missing, and her sexy PI Calford Amity thinks he’s found him. Together, they follow a trail of gold coins to Sinful, Louisiana, where a homeless guy named Bayou Bubba turns up dead with an alligator tooth in his hand and a gold coin between his teeth. Is Bubba Miss Chance’s long lost father? Or will the mystery of his disappearance suck her down into the bogs of the Bayou, and ruin her favorite purse?

 I have yet to be disappointed by one of Sam's books. This book has a great location, awesome plot, and of course a hunk of a guy! This is a read you won't want to miss! :)
~5 Star Reader Review

Sam Cheever took the world of Sinful, Louisiana from Jana Deleon's Miss Fortune series and created characters the fit and interacted beautifully with Ida Belle, Gertie,and Fortune.
~5 Star Reader Review

What a fun read! While this is a quick novella it's full of laughs and mystery. I just love the cover as well. It's just says "READ ME" What a awesome story....The characters are fantastic and all fit perfectly in the Bayou. Felicity and Cal head for the Bayou and meet some quite fun characters. Lots of mysteries in the Bayou with some humor and fun and of course hot Cal.
~5 Star Reader Review



Bayou Bubba

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