Apocalyptic Mojo

Series: Apocalyptic, book 1
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-63443-127-9
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications


Having Ardith and Draigh in the same room together might be all it takes to end the world.

A rogue witch is trying to take over the 7 worlds. Her plan is ugly. Dangerous. Apocalyptic.

When a faction of time traveling witches and a group of magical bounty hunters decide to work together to stop her, they assign their best people to the job. Together, Ardith and Draigh have serious magical mojo. Unfortunately, they can’t stand each other.

Or at least, that’s what they think.

But sometimes a hero doesn’t understand what he treasures until he’s about to lose it in a truly spectacular way. Then he must do everything in his power to save it.

And what happens next just might be the true definition of an apocalypse.

I don't hand out a ton of 5 Star ratings for books. Like my Ratings Guide says, they have to be practically life changing. But if I read a book and I just cannot seem to forget it, it has to be a 5.
—5 Stars from Sniffer Walk

A hard to put down novel that will capitvate you from the beginning.
—5 Stars from My Cozie Corner Book Reviews

Ms. Cheever makes a mean post-Apocalyptic earth which is easily credible, and unlike so many such tales, does not have the awkward "here's what's this world is all about" phase which can plague a paranormal romance. Action. Hate. Lust. Time Shift. Zombie Goo. We all win.
—4 Stars from Evolved World

I really liked like book! The characters, setting and plot was just so fascinating! I could not stop reading it! I love books that have the two characters hate each other then end up together. You get to see all the side of the characters before they fall in love, so you know that they can handle each other. It also makes the book so much more interesting and lovable and of course hilarious!
—4 Stars from Books and Other Spells

I couldn't put it down. It had some humor in it and a wonderful, creative storyline and plot. There is ALOT of action in this book and it is very fast paced.
—4 Pack Howls/Hot! from Cerridwen, Bitten By Paranormal Romance

Apocalyptic Mojo

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