An Apocalyptic Need

Series: Apocalyptic, book 3
Ebook ISBN: 9781942526742
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

She might be the enemy. He might have to take her down. But all he really wants to do is make slow, sweet love to her.

Grimm Forbes has been captured by sexy spaceship Captain Cari Pascale and turned into her sex vassal. But, as alliances conspire to take down his old friends at the Authority, Grimm worries that the woman who ignites his sexual fantasies might be at the epicenter of the treachery. It's possible he'll have to make a choice between his friends and the woman he wants in his bed. He only prays he has the strength to make the right decision, because the consequences of making the wrong one will be apocalyptic.

Wow, wow, wow... what an amazing book this was to read! This is the first book that I have read by this author and I just can't wait to read more. This book was full of action, twists, magic and kept me on the edge of my seat. The author really did a great job keeping me pulled in throughout the book. It was excellent and I give it 5***** all the way around. I definitely recommend this book to lovers of paranormal. The magic was out of this world. The characters were great and I really felt for Grimm, Cari, and the others.
—5 Stars from Shannon's World of Books

Action, adventure, magic, evil, even zombies!! I give this one four fangs for an awesome world, awesome characters and exciting writing.
—Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock, sexy and has you hooked through the whole thing. ... The sex tension builds throughout the whole story until you feel like you're going to burst. This book will gladly satisfy any Science Fiction lover as well as romance readers! It's a great combination of the both!
—eBooks Galore

This was the first book I had read in the series. It was full of action, well written, great storyline. Loved that a female was the caption of the ship. Loved the magic within the story. Would recommend to anyone.
—Midnightangel Book Heaven

An Apocalyptic Need

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